PSO2 JP: Trek within the Rocky Mountains of Kuron

~ August 5th, 2015 ~


New PAs and Compound Technic

バーランツィオン (Barantsion)

Phantasy Star Online 2 is receiving an all-new set of Photon Arts for Wired Lances, Twin Daggers, Katanas, and Assault Rifles in this update! Complete Klariskrays’ new client order and wreak havoc on your enemies with Barantsion, a new ice and light Compound Technic.

Hover over the images to reveal the PA names.


Red Oni Characters Return

Red Oni-bou Oudo

Masaki APSY’s character design, Red Oni-Hime Shiki, will return to the lobby for a limited time. This time, however, she will be joined by Red Oni-bou Oudo! Clear their client orders before they depart on October 14th to receive their partner cards.


New Field: Kuron

Embark on a journey through the land of Kuron. This brand new field is home to a royal palace, nestled in the rocky mountains of Harukotan. Many new Darkers and Kuronites await, like Oro-Ogar and Bicuda Rabitta! The free-field quest will run in a slightly different way than others, now creating a teleporter to the boss area once a certain number of points have been earned.


Guar Zigmorde

Players must face Guar Zigmorde, a new boss resembling a “Nephila Clavata” spider. Apart from its status effects and wide range attacks is the ability to sentence players with a curse of death! Act quickly, and discover the means of halting this impending doom. Your life is on the line!


Codotta Edetta_proc

Also encountered is the Codotta Edetta, a Toy Darker boss comprised of several parts. Destroy its parts and watch as its outer shell comes tumbling down. With its weak inner form revealed, players are granted a perfect chance to strike!



New ★12 and ★13 Weapons

Brand new ★12 and ★13 weapons await players as drops from the new Kuron field! Unlucky players need not fear, as they can be acquired by trading in Chandra Stones at the Pyroxene Exchange Shop. These stones can be gained by either clearing the quest, or through client orders.



Versus BlazBlue (AC Scratch)

Ragna Repca
ラグナ・レプカ (Ragna Repca)

The collaboration with popular fighting game BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma has arrived! Emulate some of your favorite characters like Ragna and Noel, with clothing, hairstyles, weapon camos, and even voices.


Noel Repca
ノエル・レプカ (Noel Repca)
Jin Repca
ジン・レプカ (Jin Repca)
Izayoi Repca
イザヨイ・レプカ (Izayoi Repca)
Mu Repca
ミュー・レプカ (Mu Repca)
Ragna Repca F
ラグナ・レプカF (Ragna Repca F)
Jin Repca F
ジン・レプカF (Jin Repca F)
Arcus Diabolus Bolverk
*魔銃・ベルヴェルク (Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk)
*ブラッドサイズ (Blood-Scythe)
Mucro Algesco Yukianesa
*氷剣・ユキアネサ (Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa)
Zero-Type Izayoi
*零織・イザヨイ (Zero-Type Izayoi)
Sword of the Godslayer Kusanagi
*神殺しの剣・クサナギ (Sword of the Godslayer Kusanagi)


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Mikagura School Sweet

PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Mikagura School Sweet

Mikagura School Sweet

Mikagura School Sweet
(Until 8.19.2015)


Eruna Repca

エルナ・レプカ ║ Eruna Repca
エルナ・レプカ桜 ║ Eruna Repca Sakura Pink
エルナ・レプカ海 ║ Eruna Repca Blue Sea
エルナ・レプカ影 ║ Eruna Repca Black Shadow


Shigure Repca M & F

— Male —

シグレ・レプカM ║ Shigure Repca M
シグレ・レプカM紅 ║ Shigure Repca M Crimson Red
シグレ・レプカM海 ║ Shigure Repca M Blue Sea
シグレ・レプカM影 ║ Shigure Repca M Black Shadow

— Female —

シグレ・レプカF ║ Shigure Repca F
シグレ・レプカF紅 ║ Shigure Repca F Crimson Red
シグレ・レプカF海 ║ Shigure Repca F Blue Sea
シグレ・レプカF影 ║ Shigure Repca F Black Shadow


Matsuri Heart

マツリハート ║ Matsuri Heart
マツリハート紅 ║ Matsuri Heart Crimson Red
マツリハート夜 ║ Matsuri Heart Night Blue
マツリハート影 ║ Matsuri Heart Black Shadow


Tropical Bikiniwear

トロピカルビキニウェア ║ Tropical Bikiniwear
トロピカルビキニウェア紅 ║ Tropical Bikiniwear Crimson Red
トロピカルビキニウェア空 ║ Tropical Bikiniwear Sky Blue
トロピカルビキニウェア月 ║ Tropical Bikiniwear Yellow Moon
トロピカルビキニウェア雅 ║ Tropical Bikiniwear Elegant Purple
トロピカルビキニウェア雪 ║ Tropical Bikiniwear White Snow


Matsuri Soul

マツリソウル ║ Matsuri Soul
マツリソウル紅 ║ Matsuri Soul Crimson Red
マツリソウル夜 ║ Matsuri Soul Night Blue
マツリソウル影 ║ Matsuri Soul Black Shadow


Training Swimwear

トレーニングスイムウェア ║ Training Swimwear
トレーニングSウェア紅 ║ Training Swimwear Crimson Red
トレーニングSウェア海 ║ Training Swimwear Blue Sea
トレーニングSウェア陽 ║ Training Swimwear Orange Sun
トレーニングSウェア雪 ║ Training Swimwear White Snow
トレーニングSウェア影 ║ Training Swimwear Black Shadow



  • ホルタートップビキニ雪 ║ Halter Top Bikini White Snow
  • ホルタートップビキニ影 ║ Halter Top Bikini Black Shadow
  • ホルタートップビキニ紅 ║ Halter Top Bikini Crimson Red
  • ホルタートップビキニ涼 ║ Halter Top Bikini Cool Blue
  • ホルタートップパンツ雪 ║ Halter Top Shorts White Snow
  • ホルタートップパンツ影 ║ Halter Top Shorts Black Shadow
  • ホルタートップパンツ紅 ║ Halter Top Shorts Crimson Red
  • ホルタートップパンツ涼 ║ Halter Top Shorts Cool Blue
  • アクティブキャミ冬/F ║ Active Camisole Winter White / F
  • アクティブキャミ玄/F ║ Active Camisole Mysterious Black / F
  • アクティブキャミ陽/F ║ Active Camisole Sun Orange / F
  • スズナクシナダ雅 ║ Suzuna Kushinada Elegant Purple
  • スズナクシナダ影 ║ Suzuna Kushinada Black Shadow
  • キジンスサノオ雅 ║ Kijin Susano’o Elegant Purple
  • キジンスサノオ影 ║ Kijin Susano’o Black Shadow

Color Variations

  • サヤヒメ・ヘッドCV ║ Sayahime Head CV
  • サヤヒメ・ボディCV ║ Sayahime Body CV
  • サヤヒメ・アームCV ║ Sayahime Arms CV
  • サヤヒメ・レッグCV ║ Sayahime Legs CV
  • キオウガイ・ヘッドCV ║ Kiougai Head CV
  • キオウガイ・ボディCV ║ Kiougai Body CV
  • キオウガイ・アームCV ║ Kiougai Arms CV
  • キオウガイ・レッグCV ║ Kiougai Legs CV

Female Voice #78 – Kumiko Watanabe

  • 女性追加ボイス78
  • 女性C追加ボイス78 (Cast ver.)

Female Voice #79 – Marina Inoue

  • 女性追加ボイス79
  • 女性C追加ボイス79 (Cast ver.)

Male Voice #61 – Sōichirō Hoshi

  • 男性追加ボイス61
  • 男性C追加ボイス61 (Cast ver.)

Lobby Action

  • 195「ぐるぐる」 (/la guruguru) Running In Circles


  • ホルタートップビキニ桜 ║ Halter Top Bikini Sakura
  • ホルタートップパンツ ║ Halter Top Shorts
  • セクシービキニウェア ║ Sexy Bikiniwear
  • アクティブキャミ影 ║ Active Camisole Shadow
  • ショートウェットスーツ影 ║ Short Wet Suit Shadow
  • ブラックブーメランパンツ ║ Black Boomerang Pants
  • ブラックサーフパンツ ║ Black Surf Pants
  • スズナロング ║ Suzuna Long
  • サヤヒメフェイス 赤 ║ Sayahime Face Red
  • サヤヒメフェイス 青 ║ Sayahime Face Blue
  • アニメ風瞳 極小 ║ Anime Style Pupils XS
  • レッドローズタトゥーF ║ Red Rose Tattoo F
  • パープルローズタトゥーF ║ Purple Rose Tattoo F
  • レッドローズタトゥーM ║ Red Rose Tattoo M
  • パープルローズタトゥーM ║ Purple Rose Tattoo M
  • アギニスタトゥーF ║ Aginis Tattoo F
  • アギニスタトゥーM ║ Aginis Tattoo M
  • トロピカル麦わら帽子 ║ Tropical Straw Hat
  • トロピカルパレオ ║ Tropical Pareo
  • ビキニパレオ ║ Bikini Pareo
  • フレアパレオ ║ Flared Pareo
  • うちわ ║ Fan
  • ねじりはちまき ║ Nejiri-Hachimaki
  • ラッピーおめんC ║ Rappy Mask C
  • きつねのおめんC ║ Fox Mask C
  • アクティブキャップA ║ Active Cap A
  • 進化デバイス/チャーク ║ Evo. Device / Chark
  • クラス追加(フォース) ║ Class Addition (Force)
  • クラス追加(ブレイバー) ║ Class Addition (Braver)
  • 属性変化(炎属性) ║ Attribute Change (Fire)
  • 属性変化(風属性) ║ Attribute Change (Wind)
  • 属性変化(光属性) ║ Attribute Change (Light)
  • 特殊能力追加(法撃) ║ Add Special Ability (T-ATK) 
  • フードデバイス/技量 ║ Food Device / DEX


FUN Scratch

Lobby Action

  • 190「ビーチバレー」 (/la volley) Beach Volleyball

PSO Music Disc

  • Crossing3084

maimai Music Discs

  • We Gonna Party
  • Starlight Disco

PA Customization Items

  • カスタムタイプ1+10% ║ Custom Type 1 +10%
    • Raises PA Customize Type 1 values by 10%.
  • カスタムタイプ2+10% ║ Custom Type 2 +10%
    • Raises PA Customize Type 2 values by 10%.


  • ワイルドポニー ║ Wild Pony
  • 足袋&手袋F 白 ║ White Tabi & Gloves F
  • 足袋&手袋F 黒 ║ Black Tabi & Gloves F
  • 足袋&手袋M 白 ║ White Tabi & Gloves M
  • 足袋&手袋M 黒 ║ Black Tabi & Gloves M
  • 足袋F 白 ║ White Tabi F
  • 足袋F 黒 ║ Black Tabi F
  • 足袋M 白 ║ White Tabi M
  • 足袋M 黒 ║ Black Tabi M
  • ビーチパラソル 赤 ║ Red Beach Umbrella
  • ビーチパラソル 青 ║ Blue Beach Umbrella
  • ビーチパラソル 黄 ║ Yellow Beach Umbrella
  • クーナわたがし袋A ║ Quna Cotton Candy Bag A
  • クーナわたがし袋B ║ Quna Cotton Candy Bag B
  • ブラックワイルド ║ Black Wild
  • グレーワイルド ║ Gray Wild
  • ホワイトワイルド ║ White Wild
  • スズナステッカーA ║ Suzuna Sticker A
  • スズナステッカーB ║ Suzuna Sticker B
  • スズナステッカーC ║ Suzuna Sticker C

FUN Shop

  • 191「ポーズ18」 (/la pose18) Pose 18
  • クラフトアーツビルダー ║ Craft Arts Builder
  • クラフトアーツメイカー ║ Craft Arts Maker
  • 部屋主用マイルーム端末 ║ Room My Room Terminal
  • 部屋主用ビジフォン端末 ║ Room Visiphone Terminal
  • 部屋主用倉庫端末 ║ Room Storage Terminal



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PSO2 JP: Maintenance and Patch (7/22/2015)

Let’s make a splash when the Summer Event begins after this update!

July 22nd Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

July 22nd Patch

  • Launcher: Version 03.00.03
  • Client: ver. 3.0701.0
  • Patch Size: 1.9 GB (PC) / 741 MB (Vita)
  • If Pre-Patched: 399 MB

Last Chance Reminders

  • Enter the secret phrase from the latest live broadcast before maintenance to receive prizes at a later date!
  • Arkuma and his prize shop will disappear during maintenance, so don’t forget to spend your remaining stars.


July 22nd ~ August 26th
Summer Lobby
July 22nd ~ August 26th

Mag Level Cap 200

  • SP Auto Actions are acquired at level 200.
  • Head to the EXCube Exchange Shop to change the SP Auto Action.
  •  SP Auto Actions are activated when bosses are nearby.
    • Striking / Clobber | SP打撃/乱舞   (Performs a series of attacks surrounding the character.)
    • Ranged / Rapid-fire SP射撃/速射 (Fires multiple shots at an enemy.)
    • Tech / Focused SP法撃/集束 (Reduces Tech charging times.)
    • DEX / Iron Wall SP技量/鉄壁 (Reduces damage from enemies.)

New Crafting System

Limited Time Emergency Quest

  • Beach Wars 3 (N:1 /H:20 /VH:40 /SH:50 /XH:70 )
  • You can receive the [PSE Costume Bonus] effect by wearing swimsuits.
  • The following clothing qualifies for the effect.
    • Swimsuits
    • Swimwear
    • Bikinis
    • Speedos
    • Board Shorts
    • Surf Pants
    • Wet Suits
    • Summer Rappy Suit

Limited Time Client Orders

  • Xie (Summer 2015) will appear until August 26th.

Bingo Card

  • Summer 2015 Bingo will appear until August 26th.

Interrupt Events

  • New Interrupt Event added.


Partial New Item Listing

New Story Quest

  • Episode 3: Chapter 5!
  • Episode 3: Chapter 6 releases July 29th.


  • Adjusted the graphical effects for Kazan Nadeshiko and Twister Fall.
  • Adjusted Bullet Squall so that its attacks hit from above. 
  • Added a new feature that lets you check crafting achievements when selecting Craft Recipes or Craft Lines.
  • Added a new feature that lets you save up to 9 data drives for Timed Abilities.
  • You may now [Switch Partners] or [Return all Partners] from the Partner Terminal in the Camp Ship.
  • Friend Partners are now sorted into Friends List groups at the Partner Terminal.
  • You can now setup a subclass for your Support Partner from either the My Room Terminal or the Partner Console.

Challenge Quest Adjustments

  • Relaxed the VR Energy Drain for 9+ Players in Challenge Quests
  • You can obtain Challenge Miles by overfilling the VR Energy Bar.
  • VR Energy Capsules and drop items can no longer be placed on top of each other.
  • Adjusted how long you can continuously interact with the [Personal Best Record Tablet].

Auto Dolls

  • The Auto Doll is intended for players who are just starting the game.
  • Characters with all of their classes below level 15 will be automatically revived up to 5 times a day.
  • Auto Dolls are not available in certain quests, like for example, “Challenge Quests.”


  • Changed the design of the Catapults
  • Added new Catapults to the Shopping Area.
  • Changed the teleportation location for when you exit My Rooms and Team Rooms and enter the Shopping Area.

Owner Registration Removals (Binding Removals)

  • Added a new feature at the Item Lab that lets you remove Owner Registrations from Weapons and Units.
  • In order to do this, you’ll need to obtain a Pass located at the Excube Exchange Shop.
  • This pass is known as オーナー登録解除パス .
  • This feature is only available for weapons/units ★11 and lower.
  • Timed Abilities and Extended Weapons will reset when using this feature.

Limited Time Shop

  • The [Third Anniversary Exchange Shop] can be accessed through Xie (Summer 2015) until August 26th.

EXCube Exchange Shop

  • Added items to the Excube Exchange Shop.

Challenge Mile Exchange Shop

  • Added items to the Challenge Mile Exchange Shop.

My Room Shop

  • Updated the My Room Shop lineup.

FUN Shop

  • Added items to the FUN Shop.

 Badge & Memory Exchange Shop

  • The Badge Exchange Shop will now be known as the Badge & Memory Exchange Shop.
  • Added items that can be obtained by trading in Ragol Memories.

Recycle Shop

  • Added items to the Recycle Shop.

Craft Shop

  • Added items to the Craft Shop.
  • Adjusted the order of items in the Craft Shop.
  • Room Items (Craft EX Builder 2, Craft Tech Builder 2, and Craft Timed Builder 2) have moved to the Craft Shop.

Casino Prize Shop

  • Added items to the Casino Prize Shop

Client Order

  • Client Orders listed in [1. Show All] will be lined up by NPC. This applies to Client Orders from Hans, Jozsef, Gerard, Revelle, Barbara, Amelin, Lubert, and Lottie.
  • Alto’s Client Orders will now unlock when you teleport to the Casino and cleared Koffee’s [Exploration Request I ].
  • Added the field [Corrupted Area] to the tabbed list of Client Orders. Some Client Orders that showed up in [All Areas] will now show up in [Other].

Friends List

  • Added a feature in the Friends List that displays messages between friends.
  • You can write your own Friend Message through the Quick Menu.
  • You can also see what quest your friends are playing and their party status.


Takenobu Mitsuyoshi We're ARKS

ARKS Dance Festival

  • Added a new live event with two songs [Rare Drop Koi Koi] and [We’re Arks].
  • You can participate in the event by pushing a button to match the beat in the guide at the upper right corner.
  • A Live Boost will be applied after the event is over.
  • You will also receive a new Lobby Action  194「ARKSダンス」 for participating in the Festival through Title Rewards.
  • PS Vita Players and PC Players who fail to meet the recommended specs may not be able to see all the players participating in the event. PC players who meet these recommended specs can increase the number of characters displayed by changing the [Detailed Model Number] settings in Options.

System Adjustments

  • Decreased the graphical intensity of Wand Gear tech explosions for players other than yourself.
  • Jellens can now be overwritten by more powerful Jellens.
  • Katori and [Beach Wars 3!] Huey will now equip new weapons for winning the Character General Election.
    • This change doesn’t apply to Huey outside of the Emergency Quest.
  • Adjusted the placement of the Limited Quest at the Quest Counter.
  • The Quest Counter will now display the available space for a block when browsing through quests in other blocks.
  • Adjusted the maximum height for the following fields:
    • Coast
    • Seabed


Emergency Quest Boost Item Adjustments

  • Boost Items in the following EQs will begin their consumption when the “Quest Objectives” appear:
    • Cradle of Darkness
    • Beckoning Darkness
    • Mining Base Defense: 1, 2, and 3.
    • Oceanic Menace
    • Pitch Black Territory
    • Lead Border Breaker
  • With this change, boost items begin their consumption after players are transferred to the main area once the countdown timer ends.
  • This can result in Boost Items consuming even when the player is still in the Camp Ship or Lobby.


System Adjustments Continued:

  • The Kartagot appearing in the Tutorial Quest will now be able to drop 7 ~ 9 star weapons, or PA/TECH Disks.
  • When a mag attacks Anga Fundarge’s reflective barrier, it will no longer damage the player.
  • In TPS view, the camera will no longer shake when the mag performs a shooting auto action.
  • [PS Vita Exclusive Blocks] will now receive a separate TA Ranking.
  • When paying extra capsules to increase the risk, it will now deduct the required number of capsules to start the Advance Quest.  (This prevents situations where you deposit too many risk increasing capsules and suddenly you don’t have enough to start the quest. )
  • The explanations for potentials [Paradise Blessing] and [Crushing Blow] have been adjusted to make it easier to understand what causes their activation.
    • This will not change the way the potential works.
  • When selecting “Other” in the My Shop Search menu, the name for the subcategory “Pass” has changed to “Item Lab/Crafting Aids.”
  • Storage Box icons will display in the Item Pack menu when choosing where to transfer an item.
  • You may now choose to drop several items on the field from the Item Pack menu.
  • You can now control the camera while using a Catapult Jump.
  • Crafting orders and requests can now be viewed in your Communication History window. In addition, the Communication History window will also allow you to transfer to the room of the selected player.
  • You can view a brief explanation on how to link PSO2 with PSO2es at the Title Menu.

Crafting Adjustments

  • Main Effect [Rare Drop Boost] will no longer have 0% chance days of occurring through Timed Ability Installations.

Partner Adjustments

  • Free / Friend Partners will receive boosted ATK, DEF, and HP.
  • Free / Friend Partners will no longer suffer under status effects from each element.

Quest Adjustments

  • Units and Weapons obtained as rewards from [Rare Emergency Trials], will come equipped with more Special Abilities.
  • Rare enemies and rare bosses from Planet Harukotan and Wopal will be added into Parallel Areas.
  • Added 12 star weapon drops to the following Emergency Quests on Extra Hard.
    • Cradle of Darkness
    • Beckoning Darkness
    • Chaotic Tranquility
    • Mining Base Defense: 1 and 2.
  • Boosted the drop rates for 11 ~ 12 star weapons on the following Emergency Quests on Extra Hard.
    • Mining Base Defense: 1, 2, and 3.

Advance Quest Adjustments

  • Some enemies will have reduced HP and relaxed difficulty.
  • VHAQ acceptance conditions will change from Level 45 to Level 40.
  • SHAQ’s large pyroxene drop rates will be increased.
  • SHAQs at +10 or higher advance risk will have boosted drop rates for advance capsules.
  • SHAQs at +10 or higher advance risk will make it easier to acquire large pyroxenes.
  • Advance Quests will receive a +100% EXP Boost.

Rare Enemy Trigger Adjustments

  • [Rear / P-Drive] and [ARKS Badge Peach] are available as rewards for clearing the [Rare Enemy Trigger’s] emergency trial.
  • This [Rear / P-Drive] unit comes attached with a new special ability known as [Spirita Alpha].
  • You can trade in [ARKS Badge Peach] at the Badge & Memory Exchange Shop to acquire the [Rear / P-Drive] unit.

Casino Adjustments

  • Mesetan Shooter, Black Nyack, and Rappy Slots will have increased payouts and receive balance adjustments.

Other Balance Adjustments

  • Changed the unlocking conditions for Klariskrays’ combined technic client orders.


 Campaign Rewards

  • AC Scratch Ticket Bargains! #4
    • #1 (Bought 12x AC Scratch Bundle) 2 Ragol Memories + Free Salon Pass
    • #2 (Bought 12x AC Scratch Bundle) 2 Ragol Memories
    • #3 (Bought 11x AC Scratch Gold Bundle) 5 Ragol Memories + Summer Rappy Suit
    • #4 (Bought 11x AC Scratch Gold Bundle) 5 Ragol Memories
  • Live Broadcast #33: Ichitarou Challenge
    • 3x +100% Triboosters
  • Welcome Back Go! Go! Campaign #5 (July 8th ~ 15th)
    • +100% Tribooster.





Summer 2015 Bingo

Summer 2015 Bingo


Summer 2015 Bingo Rewards
Lines Reward
1 +75% EXP Booster (x2)
2 1000 FUN Ticket
3 Grind Risk Reducer +1 (x3)
4 *レトロフウセン (Retro Balloon)
[Wired Lance camo]
5 +50% Tribooster
8 +10% Grind Success (x3)

+100% Tribooster


Summer 2015 Bingo
A-1 Clear Xie’s client order:
Project: Resort!
A-2 Defeat a Krabahda Level 1+
A-3 Defeat a Talobecko Level 1+
A-4 Defeat a Banoridian Level 1+
A-5 Clear Xie’s client order:
An Uninvited Guest!?
B-1 Speak to Nysa EXCube Exchange Attendant
B-2 Defeat a Tarvolpus Level 1+
B-3 Draw a FUN Scratch  
B-4 Clear the [Beach Wars 3]
Emergency Quest
B-5 Feed your Mag  
C-1 Defeat a Tag Sevanian Level 1+
C-2 Destroy a Green Container  
C-4 Speak to Alto Casino Attendant
C-5 Defeat a Sevanian Level 1+
D-1 Send a Good Job  
D-2 Defeat a Seglez’n Level 1+
D-3 Use a Drink  
D-4 Defeat an Aqulupus Level 1+
D-5 Speak to Noemi Beauty Salon Attendant
E-1 Clear Xie’s client order:
Perfectly Safe!
E-2 Defeat a Schilt Grimian Level 1+
E-3 Defeat a Blutorbon Level 1+
E-4 Defeat a Dahgash Level 1+
E-5 Clear Xie’s client order:
Diving Essentials?

Summer 2015 Bingo (Reverse) Rewards
Lines Reward
1 +10% Ability Affixer Success (x3)
2 +250% Rare Drop Booster
3 +50% Tribooster (x2)
4 進化デバイス/波乗ニャウ
Evo. Device / Surfing Nyau
5 Grind Risk Reducer +2 (x2)
8 +30% Ability Affixer Success

+100% Tribooster (x2)


Summer 2015 Bingo (Reverse)
A-1 Destroy a Red Container  
A-2 Clear Hans’ client order:
A Worthy Opponent
A-3 Defeat a Dagan Level 1+
A-4 Defeat Nepto Cassadora Level 61+
A-5 Clear Franka’s client order:
Supplying Scales and Spines
B-1 Defeat Vol Dragon Level 51+
B-2 Defeat a Vid Gilos Level 21+
B-3 Defeat Dragon Ex Level 21+
B-4 Defeat Blu Ringahda Level 21+
B-5 Obtain Matter Board EP3-5  
C-1 Play Mesetan Shooter  
C-2 Successfully grind an item  
C-4 Successfully attribute grind an item  
C-5 Play Black Nyack  
D-1 Clear an Advance Quest  
D-2 Clear Xie’s client order:
Project: Resort Defense!?
D-3 Defeat Caterdra’n Level 21+
D-4 Defeat a Falcabone Level 21+
D-5 Defeat Gigur Gunne-gam Level 51+
E-1 Clear Franka’s client order:
Supplying Blades and Shells
E-2 Defeat Zeshrayda Level 61+
E-3 Defeat an El Ahda Level 1+
E-4 Defeat Decol Malluda Level 61+
E-5 Clear Hans’ client order:
Challenge From the Palace


Xie’s Client Orders

Summer Xie 2015

Client Order Objective
Project: Resort!
Defeat [Oceanids] x50
Perfectly Safe!
Defeat [Darkers] x50
An Uninvited Guest!?
Defeat [Nepto Cassadora] x1
Diving Essentials?
Deliver [小さなシュノーケル] x1
※Drops from Summer Rappy
Project: Resort Defense!?
Defeat [Blu Ringahda] x1
Reward: *アサルトミコシ (Assault Mikoshi) [Assault Rifle Camo]




Emergency Quest Schedule

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▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
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Eastern / Central / Mountain / Arizona / Pacific

Hawaii / São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan


Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega’s discretion.
  • This calendar is unable to show Emergency Quests that occur at random.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear in this calendar with only their start times.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the “period” suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.


AC Shop Bargain Items

AC Shop Bargains

For a limited-time, players can purchase AC Shop packages at a discounted rate. These packages are available from the AC Shop from July 22nd to August 19th.


Item Package Contents Price
490AC Beginner’s Set
(2x) +10 Item Pack Expansion
(1x) AC Scratch Gold Card
490 AC
12 Scratches + Storage Expansion
(12x) AC Scratch Tickets
(1x) 30 Days Storage 2 Expansion
2,500 AC
27 Scratches
(27x) AC Scratch Tickets 4,900 AC
52 Scratches
(52x) AC Scratch Tickets 8,900 AC
Rare Drop + Storage Expansion Set
(3x) +300% Rare Drop Boost
(1x) 30 Days Storage 1 Expansion
(1x) 30 Days Storage 2 Expansion
(1x) 30 Days Storage 3 Expansion
(1x) 30 Days Storage 4 Expansion
(1x) 30 Days Storage 5 Expansion
2,900 AC

※Each item package is limited one per account. 


 AC Shop Bargain July

These packages are listed in yellow at the AC Shop.


Mikagura School Sweet Bargain Campaign

Mikagura AC Scratch Memories

Everyone who participates in the Mikagura School Sweet AC Scratch will receive prizes like Lambda Grinders and Ragol Memories.

Campaign Period

  • July 22nd ~ July 29th (Maintenance)

Campaign Qualifications

Play the Mikagura School Sweet AC Scratch 3 times to receive:

  • Two Grind Risk Reducers (+1)
  • One Lambda Grinder

Play the Mikagura School Sweet AC Scratch 10 times to receive:

  • Two Ragol Memories

Play the Mikagura School Sweet G AC Scratch 3 times to receive:

  • One +10% Grind Success
  • Three Lambda Grinders

Play the Mikagura School Sweet G AC Scratch 10 times to receive:

  • Five Ragol Memories

You can participate in the campaign by playing the Mikagura School Sweet AC Scratch using the following methods:

  • By playing the 200AC Scratch
  • By playing the 500AC Scratch Gold
  • By using an AC Scratch Ticket
  • By using an AC Scratch Gold Ticket.

Clearing all the campaign conditions will net you 7 Ragol Memories!

The PSO2es version of this AC Scratch does not qualify for the campaign.

Prize Distribution Date

  • Late August at the Visiphone


Client Order Campaign #94

CO Camp 94

This week let’s head out to the beach and clear Xie’s (Summer 2015) client orders!

Campaign Period

  • July 22nd ~ August 5th

Qualifying Client Orders

(1) Clear Xie’s client order Project: Resort! 「リゾート計画の始まり!」 to receive:

  • +50% EXP Booster (x2)
  • Grinder (x20)

(2) Clear Xie’s client order Project: Resort Defense!?
「リゾート計画防衛戦!?」 to receive:

  • Grind Risk Reducer +1 (x2)
  • Grinder (x30)

Prize Pickup Expiration

  • Until November 4th’s maintenance.


New Registration Campaign #19

New Reg 19

Players who register during the campaign period can receive these wonderful prizes!

Campaign Period

  • July 22nd ~ August 5th (Maintenance)

Campaign Qualifications

Create a new PSO2 account and create your first character to receive:

  • Evo. Device / Red Puyo
  • 3000 EXP Ticket (x5)
  • リア/フレッシュオーラ ║ Rear / Fresh Aura

PSO2 accounts created prior to the start of this campaign do not qualify for the prizes. The campaign specifically targets new registrations for PSO2, not PSO2es.

Prize Pickup Expiration

  • Until November 4th 2015 Maintenance.




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