[Web Panel Rewards]

Obtaining [8th Anniversary Badges] from quests will contribute points to the Web Panel Event! Players will unlock prizes based on the amount of points earned.

Panel Rewards

Reward Period Rewards
August 12th @ 0:00 (JST) ~ August 19th +1 Login Stamp
August 19th ~ September 2nd +100% FUN

~ Current Score ~


Individual Point Rewards

By collecting 8th Anniversary Badges from quests, players will earn points to unlock the prizes listed below!

Part 1: July 8th ~ July 21st

~ AND ~

Part 2: July 21st ~ August 5th

Points Rewards
20 +100% TRI Boost (x2)
Lambda Grinder (x20)
Sage's Crest (x10)
50 +50% EX EXP Boost (x2)
Pure Photon (x20)
Sage's Crest (x10)
100 +100% TRI Boost (x3)
Plamia (x20)
Plamdest (x20)
Plamgrimo (x20)
150 Divide Medal (x100)
Lambda Grinder (x30)
200 +150% TRI Boost
Lambda Grinder (x30)
Sage's Crest (x10)
300 +100% EX RDR Boost
Plamia (x20)
Plamdest (x20)
Plamgrimo (x20)
400 +150% TRI Boost
Ultimate Booster (x10)
Sage's Crest (x20)
500 Ability Transfer Pass (x2)
+100% EX RDR Boost (x4)
Lambda Grinder (x30)
650 +100% EX TRI Boost
Pure Photon (x30)
Sage's Crest (x30)
800 A Battlewear Scratch Ticket
Lambda Grinder (x50)
1 Million EXP Ticket (x4)
1,000 +100% EX TRI Boost
Ultimate Booster (x20)
Emer Fragment (x100)
Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
1,200 Ability Transfer Pass (x3)
+100% EX RDR Boost (x2)
Lambda Grinder (x30)
Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
1,400 Weapon Form Pass
+100% EX RDR Boost (x2)
Grainne Fragment
Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
1,700 +150% EX TRI Boost
+150% TRI Boost
+300% RDR Boost S
Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
2,000 Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
2,500 Lambda Grinder (x20)
3,000 Sage's Crest (x20)
3,500 Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
4,000 Lambda Grinder (x20)
4,500 Sage's Crest (x20)
5,000 Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
5,500 Lambda Grinder (x20)
6,000 Sage's Crest (x20)
6,500 Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
7,000 Lambda Grinder (x20)
7,500 Sage's Crest (x20)
8,000 Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
8,500 Lambda Grinder (x20)
9,000 Sage's Crest (x20)
9,500 Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
10,000 Lambda Grinder (x20)


Ship-Wide Ranking – First Half

By collecting 8th Anniversary Badges from quests, players will compete with others from their Ship to earn rewards.

July 18th ~ July 19th

Rank Title Rewards
4 ~ 10  
11 ~ 50  
51 ~ 100  
101 ~ 500  
501 ~ 1000  
1001 ~ 1500  
1501 ~ 2000  
2001 ~ 3000  
3001 ~ 4000  
4001 ~ 8000  
Everyone Else  



Quests & Panel
Web Panel Event July 8th ~ August 5th
Special Training: Episode 6 July 8h ~ July 21st
Corruption Survey: Enhancer July 21st ~ August 5th
Reward Period
1st Reward Period August 5th ~ August 19th 
2nd Reward Period August 19th ~ Sept. 2nd
3rd Reward Period Sept. 23rd ~ Sept. 30th
4th Reward Period Sept. 30th ~ Oct. 14th
PSO2es Reward Period August 26th ~ Sept. 2nd
Individual Rewards 1 July 8th ~ July 21st
Ship-Wide Ranking 1 July 18th ~ July 19th
Individual Rewards 2 July 21st ~ August 5th
Ship-Wide Ranking 2 August 1st ~ August 2nd

Obtain the [8th Anniversary Badges] from quests to gain points for the Web Panel Event!

Clearing quests tagged with WEB連動 (WEB Interlocking) will contribute points to the Web Panel based on difficulty.

  • Normal: 1 Point
  • Hard: 2 Points
  • Very Hard: 3 Points
  • Super Hard: 4 Points
  • Extra Hard: 5 Points

PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Winners Design 7 Side C

Winners Design 7 Side C
(Until 8.5.2020)


Female Outerwear

パイロットルシーダF[Ou] | Pilot Lucida F [Ou]

Male Outerwear

パイロットルシーダM[Ou] | Pilot Lucida M [Ou]

Female Basewear

パイロットルシーダF[Ba] | Pilot Lucida F [Ba]
パイロットルシーダF夜[Ba] | Pilot Lucida F Night [Ba]
パイロットルシーダF葉[Ba] | Pilot Lucida F Leaf [Ba]
パイロットルシーダF影[Ba] | Pilot Lucida F Shadow [Ba]
パイロットルシーダF雪[Ba] | Pilot Lucida F Snow [Ba]
パイロットルシーダF陽[Ba] | Pilot Lucida F Sun [Ba]

Male Basewear

パイロットルシーダM[Ba] | Pilot Lucida M [Ba]
パイロットルシーダM夜[Ba] | Pilot Lucida M Night [Ba]
パイロットルシーダM葉[Ba] | Pilot Lucida M Leaf [Ba]
パイロットルシーダM影[Ba] | Pilot Lucida M Shadow [Ba]
パイロットルシーダM雪[Ba] | Pilot Lucida M Snow [Ba]
パイロットルシーダM陽[Ba] | Pilot Lucida M Sun [Ba]



アトラクティブS[Ou] | Attractive S [Ou]


アトラクティブS[Ba] | Attractive S [Ba]
アトラクティブS栗[Ba] | Attractive S Chestnut [Ba]
アトラクティブS雅[Ba] | Attractive S Elegant [Ba]
アトラクティブS雪[Ba] | Attractive S Snow [Ba]
アトラクティブS紅[Ba] | Attractive S Crimson [Ba]
アトラクティブS海[Ba] | Attractive S Sea [Ba]



ソラリスフルゴール[Ba] | Solaris Fulgor [Ba]
ソラリスフルゴール紅[Ba] | Solaris Fulgor Crimson [Ba]
ソラリスフルゴール栗[Ba] | Solaris Fulgor Chestnut [Ba]
ソラリスフルゴール影[Ba] | Solaris Fulgor Shadow [Ba]
ソラリスフルゴール空[Ba] | Solaris Fulgor Sky [Ba]
ソラリスフルゴール雅[Ba] | Solaris Fulgor Elegant [Ba]


エールアステロード | Aile Asteraude
エールアステロード銀 | Aile Asteraude Silver
エールアステロード影 | Aile Asteraude Shadow
エールアステロード桜 | Aile Asteraude Sakura
エールアステロード紅 | Aile Asteraude Crimson
エールアステロード萌 | Aile Asteraude Sprout


A・L・Sターミナルドール | ALS Terminal Doll
A・L・Sターミナルドール雪 | ALS Terminal Doll Snow
A・L・Sターミナルドール影 | ALS Terminal Doll Shadow


Female Recolors

  • キャッシフスルート玄 | Catschief Suroot Mysterious
  • キャッシフスルート茜 | Catschief Suroot Madder
  • キャッシフスルート冬 | Catschief Suroot Winter
  • ブレイズプレイヤー玄 | Blaze Prayer Mysterious
  • ブレイズプレイヤー雪 | Blaze Prayer Snow
  • ブレイズプレイヤー静 | Blaze Prayer Tranquil
  • ヒヨリユキアメ茜 | Hiyori Yukiame Madder
  • ヒヨリユキアメ玄 | Hiyori Yukiame Mysterious
  • ヒヨリユキアメ夜 | Hiyori Yukiame Night
  • ポップ・ラ・ソーサリーF凍 | Pop La Sorcery F Frozen
  • ポップ・ラ・ソーサリーF玄 | Pop La Sorcery F Mysterious

Male Recolors

  • 藍微塵 影[Ou] | Aimijin Shadow [Ou]
  • 藍微塵 茜[Ba] | Aimijin Madder [Ba]
  • 藍微塵 海[Ba] | Aimijin Sea [Ba]
  • ポップ・ラ・ソーサリーM凍 | Pop La Sorcery M Frozen
  • ポップ・ラ・ソーサリーM玄 | Pop La Sorcery M Mysterious

Unisex Recolors

  • ゴーストスーツ・ミニ影 | Ghost Suit Mini Shadow

Female Voice #213 (CV: Kaori Nazuka)

  • 女性追加ボイス213
  • 女性C追加ボイス213

Male Voice #179 (CV: Yū Kobayashi)

  • 男性追加ボイス179
  • 男性C追加ボイス179

Lobby Actions

  • 623「アスレチック」 | 623 "Athletic"
  • 616「ダンス59」 |  616 "Dance 59"


  • ふんわりボブヘアー | Fluffy Bob Hair
  • ポップ・ラ・ヘアー | Pop La Hair
  • キャッシフフード  | Catschief Hood 
  • アンニュイボブヘアーGV | Ennui Bob Hair GV 
  • 前分けハーフアップロング | Parted Half-Up Long 
  • ソルリスヘアー | Solis Hair 


  • クリスリボン 赤 | Red Crys Ribbon 
  • 耳はねっ毛エクステ | Ear-Shrouding Extensions 
  • フォトンマフラー 青 | Blue Photon Scarf 


  • *A.I.S-A- | *A.I.S -A-
  • *エテルネルディマンシュ | *Eternal Dimanche

Mag Device

  • フードデバイス/法撃 | Food Device / T-ATK

Grind Items

  • 特殊能力保護(5枠以下) | Ability Protection (5s or lower)
  • 特殊能力(射撃&PP/3) | Add Ability (Shoot&PP/3) 
  • 強化大成功(100%) | Great Grind Success (100%) 
  • 属性強化+5% | Attribute Enhance +5%
  • 特殊能力(HP&PP/3) | Add Ability (Stamina&PP/3) 

Scratch Bonus

C・C・チョーカーF[Ou] | CC Choker F [Ou]
C・C・チョーカーM[Ou] | CC Choker M [Ou]

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

Normal AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
5 times CC Choker F [Ou]
10 times Bonus Key Magatsu [Silver]
15 times Tri Boost +150%
25 times Ability Protection (6s or lower)
30 times
Winners Design 7C Ticket
40 times
Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
50 times EX Tri Boost +200%
60 times
Winners Design 7C Ticket
120 times Winners Design 7C Ticket
Gold AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
2 times CC Choker M [Ou]
4 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Silver]
6 times Bonus Key Kazuchi Raid
10 times Ability Protection (6s or lower)
12 Times
Winners Design 7C Ticket

※Players can receive each item only once.
※All of these items are untradeable.

※Winners Design 7C Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.

FUN Scratch



  • スキンヘッドロング | Skinhead Long

Face Aesthetics

  • 血のりメイクA | Blood Makeup A
  • 細長キリまゆ | Long Fine Eyebrows 


  • ラッピーチュチュ | Rappy Tutu
  • セガサターンマスク | Sega Saturn Mask
  • ドリームキャストマスク | Dreamcast Mask
  • クマキャップ | Bear Cap
  • クマキャップ 白 | White Bear Cap
  • ソニックのおめんB | Sonic Mask B
  • テイルスのおめんB | Tails Mask B
  • エッグマンのおめん | Eggman Mask
  • ナックルズのおめんB | Knuckles Mask B
  • エミーのおめんB | Amy Mask B
  • 懐中時計 金 | Pocket Watch Gold 
  • 懐中時計 銀 | Pocket Watch Silver

Lobby Actions

  • 412「ハイタッチ」 | 412 "High Five" 

Room Items

  • トリ・カゴ | Tri Cage
  • ドラム・カンフロ | Drum Can Tub
  • ラッピーあげなべ | Rappy Deep Fryer
  • 階段&ロフト | Stairs & Loft
  • キン・カイ | Kin Kai
  • チャイナベッド | China Bed
  • チャイナソファ | China Sofa
  • チャイナローテーブル | China Low Table
  • チャイナマット | China Mat
  • チャイナシェルフ | China Shelf
  • チャイナライト | China Light
  • チャイナ・テーマ | China Theme

Music Disc

  • Reach for the Stars
  • Wonder World


PSO2 JP: Maintenance and Patch (7/8/2020)


Celebrate PSO2's 8th Anniversary in Space

PSO2 Maintenance

  • 7/8/2020 @ 11:00 ~ 17:00 JST
  • 7/7/2020 @ 10:00 PM ~ 4:00 AM EDT

PSO2es Maintenance Extended

  • 7/8/2020 @ 10:55 ~ 17:30 JST
  • 7/7/2020 @ 9:55 PM ~ 4:30 EDT

July 8th's Patch

  • Game Launcher: Version 06.00.06
  • Game Client: Ver.6.0901.2
  • Patch Size: 51MB (PC)


Patch Notes

Special Training: Episode 6 (特別突破訓練:Episode6)
Limited Quest (July 8th ~ July 21st)

Hard Lv.8+
Super Hard Lv.40+
Extra Hard Lv.70+
Ultra Hard Lv.85/85 (Main / Sub Class)

Xie (8th Anniversary)

  • Xie appears in the Shop Area from July 8th to August 5th
  • Her Limited Time Client Orders will be available
  • She'll be hosting the [8th Anniversary Badge Exchange – First Half]

New Weapons

  • The [Millions] Weapon Series has been added
  • The [Krisa] Weapon Series has been added

Treasure Shop

  • Updated the product listing.



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Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update during maintenance.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega's discretion.
  • This calendar is unable to show Emergency Quests that occur at random.
  • You can see the Emergency Quest schedule on your phone by subscribing to the Google Calendar.


New Campaigns

Puso Ni Comi Secret Phrases

Puso Ni Comi has a new season of animated episodes! Check the Official PSO2 Channel for new Episodes. While on PSO2, say the Phrase shown at the end of the Episode to receive a [Pusoni Memory 3].

New Secret Phrase

  • Ep.14: あなたもお試し済み?

Old Secret Phrases

  • Ep.13: チャット発言先に気を付けよう
  • Ep.12: 女の子がカジキに丸のみ?
  • Ep.11: マグの中身って何かな?
  • Ep.10: レッツゴー野良緊急!
  • Ep.9: 朝までクエストガン回し
  • Ep.8: 銃座はどんどん強くなってるぞ
  • Ep.7: 初めてしてみたいです
  • Ep.6: スリスリぺちぺち
  • Ep.5: ドルチェと牧野の中の人公開中
  • Ep.4: 男の子だ!!!
  • Ep.3: キャストはえっちだ
  • Ep.2: キャラクリデータはとっておこう
  • Ep.1: アニメぷそ煮コミおかわり

Phrases Expiration Date

  • March 31st, 2021 @ 23:59 JST


PSO2 x Idola Linked Campaign

During the Campaign Period, if you link your Sega ID used for PSO2 with Idola, you'll receive luxurious items for both games if you clear the objectives!

Campaign Period

  • July 7th @ 12:00 ~ July 21st @ 4:00 JST


Objective Reward
On Idola, Clear Chapter 1 of Aries Knights’ Red and White Live: [A Big Misunderstanding] +100% EX EXP Booster
On Idola, Trade Cheering Towels for the [Commander On Stage] soul symbol +150% TRI Booster

Reward Distribution

  • Mid August


Character General Election

The Character General Election returns! It's time to vote for your favorite characters from Episode 6. You can vote for two different characters each day. Special Items will be created in-game later on based on the winners.

Voting Period

  • July 1st ~ July 8th @ 12:00 JST

Voting Links


Sage's Crest Campaign

Beat the following goals to obtain Sage's Crests. The crests can be exchanged for ★15 Weapons at Zieg!

Campaign Period

July 8th ~ July 15th

Campaign Tasks

  Goal Reward
1 Clear LQ [Special Training: Episode 6] 1 Time Sage's Crests (x10)
2 Clear LQ [Special Training: Episode 6] 3 Times Sage's Crests (x10)
3 Clear Xie's Client Order:
The Senior Reliable Arks
Sage's Crests (x10)
4 Clear Xie's Client Order:
A Sudden Survey
Sage's Crests (x10)
5 Login 3 Days Sage's Crests (x10)
6 Link with PSO2es and Quick Search once Sage's Crests (x10)

※Goal 6 will be distributed at a later time.


On-Going Campaigns

Zero Grind Cost Campaign

It's finally here! The Zero Grind Cost Campaign lets you use the following services without spending Meseta!

Campaign Period: July 1st ~ July 15th

Qualifying Services
Weapon And Unit Grinding
Skill Ring Grinding
Ability Affixing
Ability Transfer
S-Class Ability Transfer
OT Potential Unlocking
Potential Switching
Candy Compression

※The above services will cost zero meseta.
※Material Items and Required Items are not covered by this campaign.


Grind Boost Campaign

Campaign Period: July 1st ~ July 15th

Grind Boosts
Grinding (OT/Unit/Skill Ring) Success Rate +5%
Affixing (NT/OT/Unit) Success Rate +5%
NT Grind EXP +15%
NT Grind Great Success Rate +25%


Multi-Platform Play Campaign

During the Campaign Period, login each Month on two different Platforms to earn rewards at a later date.

Campaign Period

  • March 25th ~ September 16th

Qualifying Platforms

  • PC, PS Vita, PS4, Cloud (PC),  Cloud (Switch)

Monthly Login Periods

  • March 25th ~  April 30th
  • May 1st ~ May 31st
  • June 1st ~ June 30th
  • July 1st ~ July 31st
  • August 1st ~ August 31st
  • September 1st ~ September 16th

Rewards Per Login Period

  • 50 Star Gems
  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]

Reward Periods

  • Early to Mid June
  • Early to Mid July
  • Early to Mid August
  • Early to Mid September
  • Early to Mid October
  • Early to Mid November


Vita Going Away Campaign

PSO2 for the Vita will shut down on August 19th. Before it shuts down, anyone who has played on the PS VITA version of PSO2 before March 24th will be able to earn back up to 1,000 Star Gems per monthly period during the Campaign.

Campaign Period

  • March 25th ~ September 16th

Campaign Details

  • Using AC or SG while logged into an account will earn you back Star Gems.
  • For each monthly period, you will only be able to earn back up to 1,000 Star Gems.
  • Half of the total amount of SG & AC used during each period will be converted back into Star Gems, with every 5 AC used converted to 1 SG.

The Account must have been logged in once before March 24th, 2020 on the PS Vita Version.

Monthly Periods

  • March 25th ~  April 30th
  • May 1st ~ May 31st
  • June 1st ~ June 30th
  • July 1st ~ July 31st
  • August 1st ~ August 31st
  • September 1st ~ September 16th

Point Back Periods

  • Early to Mid June
  • Early to Mid July
  • Early to Mid August
  • Early to Mid September
  • Early to Mid October
  • Early to Mid November