PSO2 Station #27 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

Post Livestream Update Part 1

  • I’m sorry but we needed some time to sleep.
  • Adding PSO2es Slides by Spin Cycle.
  • Also Spin Cycle will now be in charge of PSO2es!



Secret Phrase

  • Say the following phrase in chat to receive rewards
  • 祝「ぷそ煮コミ」アニメ化
  • Prizes: 2018 Fun Ticket, 20 King’s Crest, 1 Mil EXP Ticket
  • You have until Dec 26th Maintenance to claim the prize.
  • Prizes can be picked up at the Visiphone.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Merry Christmas on Ice (Quna Concert First)
  • December 15th @ 23:00 JST
  • Rare Drop & EXP Rate +300%

WEB Panel Rewards

  • December 26th ~ January 9th


New Years! Year of the Boar Accessory Select and Lucky Bag G

  • January 1st ~ January 9th
  • Popular Hairstyles Accessories and Lobby Action
  • Layered Wear and Grace Special Ability and Special Ability Protection


Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Collab

  • Early January Update
  • Bell Cranel, Hestia, Ais Wallenstein, costumes, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • Hestia Knife and Desperate Weapon Camos
  • DanMachi Lobby 1 & 2 Actions
  • Posters and Mats too!
  • Login for Dan Machi Poster C


Early January Update

  • Arks New Year Carnival WEB Event
  • New Years Lobby, New Years Xie, New Years Exchange Shop
  • Trade in Weapons Badge 2019 for items.
    • Suwa Suwa Suru LA
    • Melon Balloon
    • Homura Weapons
    • Circu Ray Unit Series
    • Camos of Popular common weapons for each class.
    • Omega Dark Falz Series ★13 Weapons
      • Clawdem, Detonation, Allure, Chalyra
    • Mother & Deus Solo Trigger


Early January Update

  • Familia Historia (AC Scratch)
  • Racing and Horse Jockey outfits
  • Video Contest Lobby Actions: Birthday


Early January Update

  • New Year Carnival Limited Quest
  • Visit each planet being attacked by Omega’s nightmare
  • Battle Loser’s forces on Wopal
  • Battle Double’s forces on Harukotan
  • Battle Apprentice’s forces on Lillipa
  • Battle Elder’s forces on Naberius
  • Quest Drop: *Coat Barrel (Photon Color Changeable)


Late January Update

  • Valentine Lobby, Bingo (~2/20/2019)
  • Love Rappy Suit Mini (Drops from Love Rappies)


Late January Update

  • Aurora Valentine and Euclita Valentine
  • You can also get Euclita Valentine Partner Card
  • *Choco Love Empe (CO Reward)


Late January Update

  • Sweet Bitter Pop (AC Scratch)
  • Euclita and Aurora Valentine Outfits
  • Matoi and Melrandia Valentine Costumes
  • Euclita Basewear Version and Aurora Short Height Version
  • Black versions of Euclita and Aurora’s outfits.
  • Western Themed Outfits too
  • Lobby Actions: Dance 56 and Valentine


Late January Update

  • Added New Items to PS Zero Shop.
  • Trade in PSZero Memories for Items
    • Humar and HUmarl Outfits and Accessories


Late January Update

  • The Chocolate Way 2019 (~2/20/2019)
  • NPCs will appear in Valentine outfits.
  • Chocolate 2019 Collection
    • Fornis and Tactio +30
  • ★14 Weapon Drop: Twin Crea Saber


Late January Update

  • Arks New Year Carnival Part 2
  • Client Orders and Exchange Shop Updated
    • Maron Balloon
    • Lobby Action: Rainbow Drop
  • Limited Quest 2 (~2/06/2019)
    • A Free Field format quest in the city.
    • Quest Drop: *Coat Talis


Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • Idola’s first Christmas event begins December 18th.
  • Christmas Rosalinde: EB: Royal Christmas


Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • Link your PSO2 with Idola Phantasy Star Saga.
  • When linked, you’ll earn [Idola Points] when playing Idola.
  • Beginning December 19th, you can use those Idola Points to purchase items in PSO2.
    • Uly / Stella (Lobby Action)
    • Idola Poster (Room Item)
    • Stella’s Helm (Accessory)
    • Idola’s Main Theme (Disc)
    • Star Gems
    • Element Enhance +2
  • The Menu Guide displays how to link your account in the Camp tab.


PSO2es Gene [Summer Vacation] Figure

  • Price: 13,800 Yen
  • Seller: Hobby Japan
  • Sales Period: Until January 16th
  • Release Date: June ~ July 2019


Phantasy Star Fest 2019

  • A series of offline events where you can meet up with fellow PSO2 players, take pictures, and buy Phantasy Star merchandise.
  • Each event will also hold an Arks Battle Tournament.
    • March 10th
    • April 21st
    • May 25th
    • June 8th
    • July 14th
    • August 17th


Phantasy Star Fest 2019

  • New Merchandise!
    • Official T-Shirt: 2,700 Yen
    • Official Wrist Band: 1,300 Yen
    • Official Scarf Towel: 2,000 Yen


PSO2 Comic Anime

  • The anime begins Jan 8th 2019 on Youtube and Nico Nico
  • A secret phrase will be displayed each episode.
  • If you type in this phrase in chat, you’ll get [PSO2 Comic Memory]


PSO2 Comic Items

  • Character Mats (1 PSO2 Comic Memory Each)
  • Arks Jersey M/F [Ba] (4 PSO2 Comic Memory Each)
  • Itica&Tetra Pose LA (6 PSO2 Comic Memory)


PSO2 Cloud PC Version

  • Starting 12/19, the PC ver will support PSO2 Cloud.
  • A new cloud button will be added to the launcher.
  • On this version you’ll connect to the [Cloud Shared Block]


Phantom Class

[Episode 6] New Class: Phantom

  • A new class that also utilizes S/R/T
  • Weapon Types: Katana / Assault Rifle / Rod


Phantom Native Action 1: Shift PA

  • PA behaviors change after tapping the weapon action.

Phantom Native Action 2: Phantom Marker

  • Applies a marker to the enemy hit by the attack.
  • When you long tap the weapon action, a follow-up attack can occur.

Technic Attack (Rods Only)

  • Activating a Technic causes an additional slash attack to occur.
  • This can also recover some PP.

Subclass Phantom

  • Phantoms do not support subclasses, however, you can set Phantom as a subclass for standard classes.

Advanced Class Name Change

  • The term [Advanced Class] will now be known as [Successor Class].

Successor Class Unlocking Changes

  • The condition to unlock a [Successor Class] will be revised.
  • This adjustment will make them easier to unlock.
  • Unlocking Conditions
    • OLD: Have a Striking, Range, and Tech Class at Lv75+
    • NEW: Have any 2 classes at Lv75+


Some information is taken from social media and might be incorrect or missing context.

Visitors who attended the Arks X-Mas party got their first look at the Phantom class which is expected to release Spring 2019!

Phantom Class

  • Can use Katanas / Assault Rifles / Rods
  • They can also use Technics and Gunslashes.
  • Each weapon type has 4 PAs.
  • Each PA has its own [Phantom Shift] version.
  • Phantom can be used as a subclass.

Phantom Shift

  • The Phantom Shift activates when you use the [weapon action].
  • The behavior for each PA changes when you use the PA during Shift.

Phantom Shift Specifications

  • Uncharged: Has a period of Invincibility when activated.
  • Uncharged: Leads to Shift PAs.
  • Uncharged: Maintains the current combo stage?
  • Charged: Used for Marker Detonation
  • Charged: Does not lead to Shift PAs.
  • Charged: Maintains the current combo stage?

Charged / Uncharged Katana Phantom Shift Example

  • Uncharged: Attacks a short-distance ahead while evading.
  • Charged: Releases a short-distance high speed slash, and detonates the marker.

Charged / Uncharged Rifle Phantom Shift Example

  • Uncharged: Performs a shooting attack with bits while allowing you to move freely.
  • Charged: Releases a penetrating shot and makes it possible to detonate the marker on the hit enemy.

Charged / Uncharged Rod Phantom Shift Example

  • Uncharged: Fires a photon bullet from the rod.
  • Charged: Detonates all the markers within range. Strong against a group of enemies.

Phantom Marker

  • A skill you can learn.
  • Markers will accumulate as you continue to attack the enemy.
  • With a charged weapon action, a powerful follow-up? attack will occur.
  • In addition to dealing heavy damage, it’s also possible to greatly restore your PP.

Phantom Gear

  • Your Phantom Gear will rise as you’re fighting.
  • You can activate the skill [Phantom Time] from your sub-palette.

Phantom Time

  • An active skill that consumes 50% of Phantom Gear.
  • You’ll be invincible for 5 seconds from activation.
  • Extends the invincibility frames during step.
  • PP consumption reduced 20%.

Phantom Time Finish

  • If you activate Phantom Time again, you’ll perform a finisher based on each weapon type.

Evasive Action / Dodge Counter Shot

  • Dodge Counter Shot activates when you perform an attack after evading an enemy’s attack using [Step].

Attack Jellen

  • Provides a certain chance to apply Jellen to an enemy hit by an attack.

Phantom Time Jellen Plus

  • Provides a certain chance to apply Jellen when an attack hits during Phantom Time.

Stealth Tech Charge

  • For a certain time, from the start of charging a technic, you’ll become invincible and your movement speed will increase.

Dodge PP Regain

  • Recovers PP when you evade an enemy’s attack.

Marker Heal

  • Recovers HP when you accumulate the max amount of markers.

Sprint Tech Charge

  • Movement speed increases during charging technics.

Phantom PP Restorate

  • Increases the amount of PP automatically recovered.

Zero Range Mark Boost

  • Bonus is applied to the accumulated markers? when attacking enemies at close-range.

Long Range Mark Boost

  • Bonus is applied to the accumulated markers? when attacking enemies at long-range.

Photon Stream

  • Increases critical power, critical rate, and damage based on your max PP.

Mark PP Drain

  • Recovers PP when you accumulate the max amount of markers.

Full Drive

  • Increases gear accumulation

Quick Cut

  • While using a Katana, when you perform a weapon action at a specific time, the behavior will change.


  • While using Rifles, it accumulates markers through marker detonation.


  • While using Rods, accumulates markers and gear by doing Technics.

Lord of Thorn

  • Decreases markers and increases marker detonation power.

Tech Short Charge

  • Reduces Technic charging time and PP consumption, but lowers the power.

Chase Mark Boost

  • A bonus is applied to the accumulated markers when attacking enemies suffering from Status Effects or Jellen.

Anyway, I’m not sure what “bonus” means exactly in regards to Markers, so we’ll have to wait for more info.

Each Weapon Type has 4 PAs and each PA has a Shift version.

Katana PA: Schmetterling

  • Normal: A PA that quickly approaches an enemy. A dependable PA since you don’t flinch as you approach.
  • Shift: Allows you to slip through the enemy’s attack. Due to it’s high performance in evasion, it’s great for escaping groups of enemies.

Katana PA: Volterzeit

  • Normal: A simple PA that does consecutive attacks. Has a long JA ring.
  • Shift: Becomes an ultra high-speed slash attack that might be a bit difficult to handle. 

Rifle PA: Nacht Angriff

  • Normal: Fires a slow moving bit that can explode. You can adjust the distance of the explosion based on the timing you release the button.
  • Shift: Performs a dash while you’re holding the button and shoots when you let go.

Rifle PA: Verbrechen

  • Normal: Lines up the bits and shoots lasers. The direction is based on your input.
  • Shift: The deployed bits will automatically fire bullets.

We’re adding more stuff.




Episode 6

New Enemy Type: Kaleidomechs


Ultra Hard Difficulty

~ Arriving This Spring ~



Kaleidomechs is a temp name. You can suggest something better: 閃機種


Suggestions So Far:

  • Prismoids

We’ll most likely use the internal name as a guidance as to what they could be called—whenever that gets datamined.



PSO2es Update

Story Quest Season 3 Chapter 3 (12/19)

  • Darker Busters crew joins forces with the Veiner group in search of the Score.


Quick Search Feature

  • New Quick Search area (12/19)
  • Find Quelle Scarlet, Lavis Canon, Rykros Staff, along with conqueror’s crests

Friend Assist Expansion

  • Your friend will appear without going through that cutscene.


New Chips:

  • ★13 Optreion (Dec. 19th)
  • ★13 Saika Hyouri (Dec. 26th) – Eternal Tower Reward


New Chips:

  • ★12 Bluesy Requiem [White Christmas] (Dec. 19th)
  • ★12 Divine Amaterasu (Jan. 1st)
  • ★12 Ignis (Dec. 26th) – Eternal Tower Reward
  • ★12 Valkyrie R25 (Jan. 17th) – Emergency Quest Reward



New Chips:

  • ★12 Akhtar[New Year] (Jan. 1st ~ Jan. 4th)
  • ★12 Alma [New Year] (Jan. 5th ~ Jan. 9th)
  • ★11 Space Tuna [New Year] (Jan. 1st) – Login Campaign




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PSO2 JP SG Scratch: ARKS Battle Wear Selection II

ARKS Battle Wear Selection II
(Until 6.12.2019)


Outerwear (Female)

エグザムリーシュF[Ou] | Exam Leash F [Ou]

Outerwear (Male)

エグザムリーシュM[Ou] | Exam Leash M [Ou]

Basewear (Female)

エグザムリーシュF[Ba] | Exam Leash F [Ba]
エグザムリーシュF影[Ba] | Exam Leash F Shadow [Ba]
エグザムリーシュF紅[Ba] | Exam Leash F Crimson [Ba]
エグザムリーシュF夜[Ba] | Exam Leash F Night [Ba]

Basewear (Male)

エグザムリーシュM[Ba] | Exam Leash M [Ba]
エグザムリーシュM影[Ba] | Exam Leash M Shadow [Ba]
エグザムリーシュM紅[Ba] | Exam Leash M Crimson [Ba]
エグザムリーシュM夜[Ba] | Exam Leash M Night [Ba]



シーリスクロス[Ou] | Xyris Clothes [Ou]


シーリスクロス[Ba] | Xyris Clothes [Ba]
シーリスクロス影[Ba] | Xyris Clothes Shadow [Ba]
シーリスクロス紅[Ba] | Xyris Clothes Crimson [Ba]
シーリスクロス夜[Ba] | Xyris Clothes Night [Ba]



ディアルマ・ゼロ[Ou] | DeAlma Zero [Ou]


ディアルマ・ゼロ[Ba] | DeAlma Zero [Ba]


Outerwear 1

エクエスティオー[Ou] | Equestio [Ou]

Outerwear 2

エクエスティオー雅[Ou] | Equestio Elegant [Ou]


エクエスティオー[Ba] | Equestio [Ba]
エクエスティオー空[Ba] | Equestio Sky [Ba]
エクエスティオー雪[Ba] | Equestio Snow [Ba]
エクエスティオー雅[Ba] | Equestio Elegant [Ba]
エクエスティオー影[Ba] | Equestio Shadow [Ba]
エクエスティオー冬[Ba] | Equestio Winter [Ba]


エクエスティオー[In] | Equestio [In]
エクエスティオー月[In] | Equestio Moon [In]
エクエスティオー影[In] | Equestio Shadow [In]
エクエスティオー萌[In] | Equestio Sprout [In]
エクエスティオー紅[In] | Equestio Crimson [In]
エクエスティオー空[In] | Equestio Sky [In]


Outerwear 1

エレティックレーヌ[Ou] | Eretique Reine [Ou]

Outerwear 2

エレティックレーヌ雅[Ou] | Eretique Reine Elegant [Ou]

Outerwear 3

エレティックレーヌ影[Ou] | Eretique Reine Shadow [Ou]


エレティックレーヌ[Ba] | Eretique Reine [Ba]
エレティックレーヌ影[Ba] | Eretique Reine Shadow [Ba]
エレティックレーヌ雅[Ba] | Eretique Reine Elegant [Ba]
エレティックレーヌ雪[Ba] | Eretique Reine Snow [Ba]
エレティックレーヌ紅[Ba] | Eretique Reine Crimson [Ba]
エレティックレーヌ玄[Ba] | Eretique Reine Mysterious [Ba]


Outerwear 1

シャープオーダー[Ou] | Sharp Order [Ou]

Outerwear 2

シャープオーダー銀[Ou] | Sharp Order Silver [Ou]


シャープオーダー[Ba] | Sharp Order [Ba]
シャープオーダー雪[Ba] | Sharp Order Snow [Ba]
シャープオーダー紅[Ba] | Sharp Order Crimson [Ba]
シャープオーダー夜[Ba] | Sharp Order Night [Ba]
シャープオーダー影[Ba] | Sharp Order Shadow [Ba]
シャープオーダー静[Ba] | Sharp Order Calm [Ba]


シャープオーダー[In] | Sharp Order [In]
シャープオーダー雪[In] | Sharp Order Snow [In]
シャープオーダー紅[In] | Sharp Order Crimson [In]
シャープオーダー陽[In] | Sharp Order Sun [In]
シャープオーダー影[In] | Sharp Order Shadow [In]
シャープオーダー夜[In] | Sharp Order Night [In]


【若人】異界戦闘衣 | [Apprentice] Omega Battle Suit
【若人】異界戦闘衣 雪 | [Apprentice] Omega Battle Suit Snow


【巨躯】異界戦闘衣 | [Elder] Omega Battle Suit
【巨躯】異界戦闘衣 雪 | [Elder] Omega Battle Suit Snow


【敗者】異界戦闘衣 | [Loser] Omega Battle Suit
【敗者】異界戦闘衣 雪 | [Loser] Omega Battle Suit Snow



  • 女性共通アトッサボイス | Female Voice Atossa
  • 女性共通初代KKボイス | Female Voice First Gen KK
  • 男性共通ヴォルフボイス | Male Voice Wolf

Lobby Actions

  • 468「初代KKポーズ1」 | 468 [First Gen KK Pose 1]
  • 469「初代KKポーズ2」 | 469 [First Gen KK Pose 2]
  • 470「ヴォルフ&アトッサ」 | 470 [Wolf & Atossa]



SG Scratch Revivals


  • ダークファルスサイン | Dark Falz Sign

Voice Tickets

  • 女性共通【若人】ボイス | Female Apprentice Voice
  • 男性共通【巨躯】ボイス | Male Elder Voice
  • 男性共通【敗者】ボイス | Male Loser Voice

Ability Affixers

  • 特殊能力追加(攻撃総合) | Ability Affixer (Attack Fusion)
  • 特殊能力追加(防御総合) | Ability Affixer (Defense Fusion)
  • 特殊能力追加(攻撃継承) | Ability Affixer (Attack Transfer)
  • 特殊能力追加(防御継承) | Ability Affixer (Defense Transfer)
  • 特殊能力追加(心身継承) | Ability Affixer (Mind & Body Transfer)

EX Boosters

  • EX獲得経験値+75% | +75% EX EXP Booster
    • Additionally boosts Rare Drop & Meseta by 25%.
  • EXレアドロップ倍率+75% | +75% EX Rare Drop Booster
    • Additionally boosts EXP & Meseta by 25%.
  • EX獲得メセタ+75% | +75% EX Meseta Booster
    • Additionally boosts EXP & Rare Drop by 25%.
  • EXトライブースト+50% | +50% EX Tribooster



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PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance (12/12/2018)


Dress up as Character’s from Ep.5 Story with the new SG Scratch!

PSO2 Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 12/12/2018 @ 1:55 ~ 17:30 JST
  • 12/11/2018 @ 11:55 AM ~ 3:30 AM EST


Upcoming Broadcasts

PSO2 Station

  • December 15th @ 15:00 ~ 18:00



Christmas 2018 Bingo

(December 5th ~ January 9th)

Bingo (Front)
  Objective Note
A-1 Defeat King Yede Lv.1+
A-2 Defeat Gulfur Lv.1+
A-3 Talk to Lachesis Main Gate
A-4 Defeat Ol Micda Lv.1+
A-5 Defeat Cyclonehda Lv.1+
B-1 Defeat Yede Lv.1+
B-2 Talk to Aru (Christmas) Shop Area
B-3 Play Mesetan Shooter Casino
B-4 Talk to Sophia Franka’s Cafe
B-5 Defeat Ga Wonda Lv.1+
C-1 Clear Client Order:
A Hitsugi Christmas!
Hitsugi (Christmas)
C-2 Clear Client Order:
Kohri (Christmas)
C-4 Clear Client Order:
Aru’s Relationship Plan!
Aru (Christmas)
C-5 Clear Client Order:
Defend the Eve of the Night
Hitsugi (Christmas)
D-1 Defeat Dagacha Lv.1+
D-2 Talk to Hitsugi (Christmas) Shop Area
D-3 Grind a Weapon or Unit Item Lab
D-4 Talk to Kohri (Christmas) Shop Area
D-5 Defeat Gu Wonda Lv.1+
E-1 Defeat Kuklonahda Lv.1+
E-2 Defeat Dahgash Lv.1+
E-3 Talk to Leontina Main Gate
E-4 Defeat Fangulfur Lv.1+
E-5 Defeat Malmoth Lv.1+

Bingo (Reverse)
  Objective Note
A-1 Defeat Deus Anges Lv.41+
A-2 Defeat Org Blan Lv.41+
A-3 Complete [Merry Christmas on Ice] VH+
A-4 Defeat Guar Zigmorde Lv.41+
A-5 Defeat Aratron Phemut Lv.41+
B-1 Defeat Anjhadu-lili Lv.41+
B-2 Defeat Snow Banther Lv.41+
B-3 Find the Lillipan Graffiti Casino
B-4 Defeat Rock Bear Lv.41+
B-5 Defeat Gigur Gunne-gam Lv.41+
C-1 Defeat King Mesetan in Mesetan Shooter Casino
C-2 Send a [Like] in the Fashion Catalog  
C-4 Play Black Nyack Casino
C-5 Grind a Weapon’s Element Item Lab
D-1 Defeat Tranzmizer Lv.41+
D-2 Defeat Snow Banshee Lv.41+
D-3 Scratch the FUN Scratch  
D-4 Defeat Caterdra’nsa Lv.41+
D-5 Defeat Drago Deadlion Lv.41+
E-1 Defeat Zeta Guranz Lv.41+
E-2 Defeat De Malmoth Lv.41+
E-3 Clear E-Trial: Storm Gift Mr. Umblla
E-4 Defeat Codotta Idetta Lv.41+
E-5 Defeat Greuzoras Drago Lv.41+


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Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

Eastern / Central / Mountain / Arizona / Pacific

Hawaii / São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan

Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega’s discretion.
  • This calendar is unable to show Emergency Quests that occur at random.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear with only their start times.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the “period” suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.
  • You can see the Emergency Quest schedule on your phone by subscribing to the Google Calendar.


Purchase Premium Campaign

During the Campaign Period, purchase a [90 Day Premium] ticket to receive various rewards.

Campaign Period

  • December 12th, 2018 ~ January 16th, 2019 @ Maintenance


  • Head Rappy Wind Vane
  • +150% Tribooster (x3)
  • King’s Crest (x50)
  • Bonus Key Kazuchi Assault


Spend AC, Get Items

Players who spend set amounts of AC during the campaign period will receive several prizes!

Campaign Period

  • Until December 16th @ 23:59 JST

Campaign Qualifications

(1) Spend 2000+ AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • +100% Tribooster (x2)
  • 15,000 EXP Ticket (x5)

(2) Spend 5000+ AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • Rappy Suit
  • +30% Ability Affixing Success

(3) Spend 10,000 AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • +150% Tribooster (x3)
  • Lambda Grinder (x2)

※AC / iAC spent in PSO2es prior to linking does not qualify for this campaign. However, any AC or iAC spent after linking will qualify for the campaign.

Ways You Can Spend AC

  • Playing Arks Scratch on PSO2 or PSO2es
  • Buying Arks Scratch Ticket Bundles
  • Buying Items in the AC Shop
  • Using a Scape Doll to revive
  • Using AC Content at the Beauty Salon
  • Spending AC to add a Skill Tree
  • Spending AC to reset a Skill Tree
  • Spending AC to buy a character
  • Transferring to another ship

Using [Arks Scratch Tickets] to play the AC Scratch does not fulfill the campaign requirements of spending AC.


Welcome Back Campaign

During the campaign period, players who haven’t logged on since October 10th’s Maintenance will be rewarded with various welcome back gifts.

Campaign Period

  • November 7th, 2018 ~ January 9th, 2019

Returning Player’s Gifts

  • King’s Crest (x100)
  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold] (x5)
  • +100% Tribooster (x10)
  • Free Salon Pass

Friend of Returning Players

If you’re a friend of a Returning Player by one of these dates, you’ll receive gifts at a later date!

Friend’s Gifts

  • King’s Crest (x100)
  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
  • Bonus Key Magatsu [Gold]
  • Bonus Key Rappy F

Friend by November 14th, 2018

  • Late November

Friend by December 12th, 2018

  • Late December

Friend by January 9th, 2019

  • Late January

※You can only receive the rewards once.


Boost Item Festival – Login Campaign

During the Campaign Period, login each day to receive a variety of boost items for your adventures!

Campaign Period

  • December 12th ~ December 25th @ 23:59 (JST) 


  • Monday ~ Friday
    • +100% Tribooster
    • +100% EXP Booster
    • +100% Meseta Booster
    • +250% RDR Booster
  • Saturday, Sunday, and Christmas
    • +100% Tribooster (x2)
    • +100% EXP Booster (x2)
    • +100% Meseta Booster (x2)
    • +250% RDR Booster (x2)


Quest Boosts

Forest, Volcano, and Coast Exploration (December 12th ~ December 19th)

  • +281% RDR Boost
  • +281% EXP Boost
  • +281% Meseta Boost

Merry Christmas on Ice (December 12th ~ December 19th)

  • +150% EXP Boost

Mega Mecha Awakening (December 5th ~ December 19th)

  • All Difficulties:
    • Increase Dark Blast Gauge fill rate
    • +100% RDR Boost
  • Extra Hard:
    • +200% Enemy ATK
    • +100% Enemy HP
    • +80% S/R/T and Element Resist
    • King Vardha always appears
    • Added Nemesis-NT to the drops
    • Added Slave-NT to the drops
    • Added ★14 Weapons to the drops
    • Added ★12 Units to the drops
    • Added King’s Crest to the drops


King’s Crest Campaign (x2)

Complete the following goals to obtain King’s Crests. The crests can be exchanged for ★14 Weapons at Zieg!

Campaign Period

Dec. 12th ~ Dec. 19th

Campaign Tasks

  Goal Reward
1 Clear [Forest Exploration] (x2) King’s Crests (x20)
2 Clear [Volcano Exploration] (x2) King’s Crests (x20)
3 Clear [Coast Exploration] (x2)
King’s Crests (x20)
4 Clear [Mega Mecha Awakening] (x3) King’s Crests (x20)
5 Login 3 Days King’s Crests (x20)
Link with PSO2es and Play [Quick Search] King’s Crests (x20)

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