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PSO2 Station: Arks X-Mas Party

PSO2 Station Topics

  • PSO2 Station will stream LIVE at the ARKS X-Mas Party
  • Details on the January Update
  • New PSO2es Content: Eternal Tower
  • New Collaboration announcements during the [Satellite Information] portion.
    • Scalp-D Collaboration
    • Live Sympathy 2018 Concert Follow-up Report
  • New 12 Player Raid Boss: Erythron Dragon
  • Nintendo Switch Service Follow-Up Report
  • Special Guest: Harriet’s VA (Megumi Han)

Arks X-Mas Party Attendees

  • Players who physically attend the Arks X-mas Party will get their first-hand shot at trying out the new Erythron Dragon quest on the Nintendo Switch. In addition, a select few will get a chance to experience the newest children’s card game [PSO2: Trading Card Game]! Attendees will also get to see the Dell [Falz Hunar] PC that appeared during the Tokyo Game Show!


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PSO2 JP SG Scratch: Aether Mother Hope

Aether Mother Hope
(Until 6.13.2018)



幻創聖母礼装[Ou] ║ Phantom Mother [Ou]
(2 colors)

幻創聖母礼装 紅[Ou] ║ Phantom Mother Crimson [Ou]
(2 colors)

幻創聖母礼装v2[Ou] ║ Phantom Mother v2 [Ou]
(2 colors)


幻創聖母礼装[Ba] ║ Phantom Mother [Ba]
幻創聖母礼装 海[Ba] ║ Phantom Mother Sea [Ba]
幻創聖母礼装 紅[Ba] ║ Phantom Mother Crimson [Ba]
幻創聖母礼装 影[Ba] ║ Phantom Mother Shadow [Ba]
幻創聖母礼装 桜[Ba] ║ Phantom Mother Sakura [Ba]
幻創聖母礼装 雪[Ba] ║ Phantom Mother Snow [Ba]


幻創聖母礼装[In] ║ Phantom Mother [In]
幻創聖母礼装 桜[In] ║ Phantom Mother Sakura [In]
幻創聖母礼装 紅[In] ║ Phantom Mother Crimson [In]
幻創聖母礼装 影[In] ║ Phantom Mother Shadow [In]
幻創聖母礼装 月[In] ║ Phantom Mother Moon [In]
幻創聖母礼装 雪[In] ║ Phantom Mother Snow [In]



幻創使徒礼装・水[Ou] ║ Phantom Apostle Water [Ou]
(2 colors)

幻創使徒礼装・水 紅[Ou] ║ Phantom Apostle Water Crimson [Ou]
(2 colors)

幻創使徒礼装・水v2[Ou] ║ Phantom Apostle Water v2 [Ou]
(2 colors)


幻創使徒礼装・水[Ba] ║ Phantom Apostle Water [Ba]
幻創使徒礼装・水 影[Ba] ║ Phantom Apostle Water Shadow [Ba]
幻創使徒礼装・水 紅[Ba] ║ Phantom Apostle Water Crimson [Ba]
幻創使徒礼装・水 鋼[Ba] ║ Phantom Apostle Water Steel [Ba]
幻創使徒礼装・水 夜[Ba] ║ Phantom Apostle Water Night [Ba]
幻創使徒礼装・水 空[Ba] ║ Phantom Apostle Water Sky [Ba]



幻創使徒礼装・土[Ou] ║ Phantom Apostle Earth [Ou]
(2 colors)

幻創使徒礼装・土 紅[Ou] ║ Phantom Apostle Earth Crimson [Ou]
(2 colors)

幻創使徒礼装・土v2[Ou] ║ Phantom Apostle Earth v2 [Ou]
(2 colors)


Female Voice – Mother (CV: Rina Sato)

  • 女性共通マザーボイス

Male Voice – Aratron (CV: Chō)

  • 男性共通アラトロンボイス

Male Voice – Ophiel (CV: Takehito Koyasu)

  • 男性共通オフィエルボイス

Lobby Action

  • 360「マザー・クラスタ4」 ║ Mother Cluster 4 (/la mothercluster4)
  • 361「マザー・クラスタ5」 ║ Mother Cluster 5 (/la mothercluster5)

Music Disc

  • PSO2 イベント「マザー1」 ║ PSO2 Event [Mother 1]
  • PSO2 イベント「マザー2」 ║ PSO2 Event [Mother 2]
  • マザー「後半戦」 ║ Mother [Second Half Battle]
  • コオリ戦 ║ Kohri Battle
  • オフィエル戦 ║ Ophiel Battle


SG Recycle Shop Listing

Product List # of Required Items
Color Change Pass
7x (SG Items)
Aether Mother Hope Ticket
40x (SG Items)
SG Recycle Badge
1x (SG Item)
Creator Emblem
25x (SG Items)
Phantom Emblem
25x (SG Items)
EXトライブースト+150% (x2)
+150% EX Tribooster
1x (Aether Mother Hope Ticket)
+150% Tribooster
5x (SG Items)
Great Grind Success +30%
1x (SG Items)
Ability Affixing Success +40%
8x (SG Items)

SG Scratch Revivals

Items previously obtained from AC Scratch Bonuses will appear in the [Aether Mother Hope] SG Scratch.


  • シンプルバスタオル ║ Simple Bath Towel
  • シンプルぬれバスタオル ║ Simple Wet Bath Towel


  • 腰巻タオル ║ Loincloth Towel
  • トナカイハット ║ Reindeer Hat
  • ラッピーヘッド ║ Rappy Head

Lobby Actions

  • 249「ポーズ23」 ║ Pose 23
  • 259「品がある挨拶」 ║ Refined Greeting
  • 264「ポーズ24」 ║ Pose 24
  • 292「立ち乗り二輪車」 ║ Upright Scooter
  • 303「猫をじゃらす」 ║ Cat Play



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