PSO2 Live Broadcast #36 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

Post Livestream Update:

  • Expect some Weak Bullet Jamming in the Demise quest.
  • Added some tidbits to EP4.
  • Added a track to the concert.
  • Added tidbits to various sections.
  • Added some PSO2es tidbits.


EQ Nov Boost Poll

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Progeny of the Apocalypse (+150% Rare Drop / EXP Boost).
  • Get a +10% Live Boost from the Dance Festival.
  • November 1st @ 22:00 JST after the Arks Dance Festival.


November Triggers

Secret Phrase

  • Say じゅうごたろう in chat sometime after the livestream ends but before November 11th's maintenance to receive:
  • 15 Rare Enemy Triggers (Ginnagam included)
  • Prizes will be distributed at a later date.



Arks Ship FS XH

Mid November Update

  • Arks Ceremonial Lobby (~12/9)
  • Arks Ship Fire Swirl (+XH Difficulty)
  • Get Lambda Grinders and Weapons Badges 2015



Challenge Quest Arks 2016

Mid November Update

  • Challenge Quest: Arks Grand Prix 2016 Preliminaries.
  • You can practice with equipment in accordance with the regulations of the Grand Prix.
  • The quest will take place in Shironia with Gigre Gunnegam as its boss.


7th Dragon Student

Mid November Update

  • Dragon Raid Chronicle (AC Scratch)
  • Student S, Temple S, and Mystic S's costumes, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • Evo. Device / Nagamimi
  • Chinese armor costumes and Ceremo Nyau Suit


Scarlet Detective Slide

Late November Update

  • Scarlet Detective (AC Scratch)
  • Akari and Aria costumes, hairstyles, accessories, and weapon camos.
  • Winter Coat costumes and Chinese Style costumes and parts.


Zieg Genesis Weapon

Late November Update

  • RAmar and RAmarl costumes, and Evo. Device / Opa Opa.
  • Obtain Genesis Weapon Camos from Zieg's Exchange Shop
    • For example: Complete the entire Matter Board for Episode 1 to receive an Emblem that can be traded in at his shop for a Genesis Weapon Camo.


Harukotan TA

Late November Update

  • A Time Attack Quest where you defeat 100 enemies in Kuron.
  • Kuronite and Darkers appear!
  • No EXP or Items.
  • New Klotho Client Orders


Christmas Event 2015

Early December Update

  • Christmas Lobby (~12/31 @ 23:59 JST)
  • Christmas 2015 Xie and Christmas Bingo (~ 1/13)
  • New reward items!

Legend of Heroes Collab

Early December Update

  • Legend of Heroes (AC Scratch)
  • Rean, Alisa, Fie, and Laura costumes, hairstyles, accessories, and weapon camos!
  • Dark Coats and Christmas Costumes.


Episode 3 Chapter

Surprise! A Supplemental Chapter for Episode 3!

  • A prologue leading to new developments.
  • Suddenly a mysterious girl emerges! Aurora is her name. Why did she appear? (CV: Kaori Mizuhashi).
  • The mystery of [Apprentice] who rests in the Mining Base.
  • And Ulc and Xiao are…?


Chrismas Dio

Early December Update

  • Limited-time EQ [Merry Christmas on Ice 4]
  • NPCs will appear in Christmas Costumes.
  • Dio Hunar makes its multi-party debut!
    • Can drop Phantasmal Ares Stones.
    • You can trade in 1 Ares weapon for 20 Phantasmal Ares Stones.
    • You can trade in 60 Phantasmal Ares Stones for 1 Ares Weapon.
    • You can also get Phantasmal Ares Stones from Anga in Ult Quests.


Devil Wars

Late December Update

  • Devil Wars History (AC Scratch)
  • Killia, Seraphina, Usalia's costumes, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • Evo. Device / Prinny
  • Afin and Eucrita costumes and a Japanese Goddess outfit.


Shiki Oudo and Ragol

Late December Update

  • Trade in Ragol Memories for FOnewm and FOnewearl costumes.
  • Shiki and Oudo blue variations will appear in the lobby with new client orders. They can even appear together on the field.


Demise Slide

Late December Update

  • Mining Base: Demise!
  • 3 types of Hunar will appear at the same time.
  • Corrupted A.I.S. will also appear.
  • Exterminate the [Apprentice] that lurks at the bottom of the collapsed base.


DF Apprentice

Late December Update

  • Battle Dark Falz Apprentice Gia
  • Prevent its mortal laser attack!!
  • [Damoth] a new enemy that swarm the towers.


Orbit Series

Late December Update

  • New ★13 weapon series [Orbit].
  • A fascinating form changing weapon series. (See video above).
  • There's also units too!

Episode 4 Reborn

Episode 4 Reborn

  • Plans to start from January 27th, 2016.
  • Keyword = "New Experience"

Episode 4: Reborn (Storage Features)

  • Item Pack can be expanded to 150 slots with AC.
  • Added Character based storage. (300 Slots)
  • Character based storage can be expanded to 1000 slots with AC.
  • Premium Storage expanded from 300 to 400 slots.
  • PSO2es Linked Storage added (100 Slots)

Episode 4: Reborn (Character Customization)

  • Body Paint 1 & Body Paint 2 selection.
  • Adjust the circumference of body parts around your head and waist.
  • Adjust accessory size and angle.
  • You can now test out different lighting, animations, and scenery in the Beauty Salon.
  • You can now mark which hairstyles and accessories are your favorites.
  • Added a system to save Cast and Humanoid bodies separately.

Episode 4: Reborn (Other Features)

  • Adjust where the weapon is situated on your character.

Episode 4: Reborn (New Class)

  • New Class [Summoner]!
  • (The class uses a baton of sorts and attacks enemies with flying mythical creatures).


PSO2es November Update

  • Org Keratos appears!
  • Chip Illustration Contest!
  • Chip Pack can be expanded up to 500 items.
  • ★12 Psycho Wand Chip

PSO2es December Update

  • The start of a new chapter!
  • Expect to see new characters!
    • Gené (The bright and energetic heroine of the new story!)
    • More (A Weaponoid who forms a team with the player and Gené)
  • Substantial improvements to the UI (Lobby / Tutorial)
  • Increased the level cap to 70.
  • Improved Daily Quests


DF Girls Community

Dark Falz Girls Official Community

  • The DF Girls Community on [it-tells] is now open!
  • Players outside of Japan can participate in 1 out of the 3 campaigns.
    • The other prizes are a signed physical T-Shirt and 500 [it-tells] Mileage Points.
    • Mileage Points can be traded in for Sega related games and Japanese attractions.
  • Join the DF Girls Community on [it-tells] to receive a DF Girls Logo Sticker in PSO2.
  • Prizes will be distributed mid December.


Concert Set List

Concert Set List (Orchestra Session)

  • Phantasy Star Online Opening Theme
  • PSO Stage & Boss Medley EP1
  • PSO Stage & Boss Medley EP2
  • Let the Winds Blow
  • Phantasy Star Zero
  • Save this World (Orchestra Version)
  • 集え、 八百万の星の下に
  • For Brighter Day ~Orchestra Version~

Concert Set List (Live Session)

  • Burning Hearts
  • Ignite Infinity
  • Living Universe
  • Omoi Matoi
  • Rear Drop Koi Koi
  • We're Arks
  • Phantasista
  • Dreamcasting
  • PSO2 The Animation Theme Song

Concert Set List (Orchestra Session)

  • Resonant Nation
  • PSO2 Field Medley 2
  • la L'inno per il IDOLA – Persona di Onnipotente –
  • 天疾走ル風
  • Annihilator【Magatsu】
  • 六芒均衡- 勇者の帰還-
  • Hunar Medley
  • Profound Darkness


Phantasy Festa Bonuses

Fan Festival Rappies

Phantasy Star Festival 2016

  • Those who attend the festival can receive these lovely bonus items.
    • Festival 2016 T Shirt Set & 500 FUN Ticket (All Conventions)
    • Tokyo Tower Rappy Mag & Accessory (Tokyo Convention)
    • Golden Whale Rappy Mag & Accessory (Nagoya Convention)
    • Food Cart Rappy Mag & Accessory (Fukuoka Convention)



PSO 15th Anniversary Commemorative Mook

  • A Mook (Book/Magazine) compiling the history and artwork of the PSO series.
  • Contains item codes for PSO 15th Anniversary T-Shirts, Dreamcast Mag, and Ragol Memory.


New Drama CD

PSO2 Drama CD #3: Harukotan Memoirs

  • Drama CD goes on sale to the general public on January 27th.
  • Those who attend the Phantasy Star Festa in December can order it early.
  • Item Codes include Sarah, Sukunahime, and Kotoshiro's voice tickets, a poster, VD Music Disc, Jukebox, and 500 FUN Ticket.



Big Events

Celebrating Over 4 Million IDs!

Events and Campaigns from 11/4 ~

  • Wonderful Prizes: Present Campaign
  • Best Partner General Election
  • Weapon Design General Election
  • Commemorative Boost Event
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 Quiz
  • Client Order Campaign: Expanded Version (Written Challenges from the DF Girls) (Begins 11/18)
  • Arks Museum Character Contest
  • Arks Museum My Room Contest
  • PSO2es Chip Illustration Contest



40 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #36 Recap”

  1. >Dragon Raid scratch
    Lü Bü Fengxiang called and wants his *F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S* feather headpiece back – he'd come and get it personally, but he's too busy chasing annoying insects at Hulao Gate… :v

    1. You… *did* read the entry immediately below the vid right…? Genesis weapon camos, that would be Yonohate or whatever Reg's Cool Sword now is called.

    2. what.

      Reg's Genesis katana has *always* been named Yonohate, watchoo smokin mon? No idea what the imitation camo will be called ofc…

    3. Yonohate was the name of the big blocky sealed katana (functionally a sword in-game because it's so big), but SPOILERS Regius broke it when he murdered the shit out of Luther. He had Zieg forge him a new katana, the name of which I forget, but it translates to "beginning of the world" or something like that (Yonohate is "end of the world").

    4. his original katana that was registered as a sword (the one kept in the big box, the whole design reused from earlier games including PSzero) was yonohate. the weapon he recieved a matterboard or two ago is it's replacement, tsukiriyo. regias wanted to call it yonohate as well, and jig flatly denied that, suggesting the new name;
      "yonohate" meant "end of the world", and "tsukiriyo" means "creation of the world".

      it's interesting to note that this bunch of camos tells us that theo-dork's weapon is also a genesis; what the hell sega, if even a bit player like theodore can get one, why can't the main character? 😛

    5. Oh so that's what they were going on about, I thought Zieg had just worked out a more convenient storage setup for the damn thing. But now that I reviewed the relevant 2-5 and 3-7 cutscenes I see the blade itself has gotten quite the makeover too – guess Z got fed up having to rebuild it every time it was used or something. :v

    6. random> it's a completely new weapon. regias got priority for a replacement because his was broken.

      that is somewhat of a problem for the rest of the balance of six's genesis weapons as well, as was explained when matoi was asking jig about why the clarissa seemed out of whack. they all shared a power source, so… at this point the remaining genesis weapons from before ep3 are stuck in "slightly higher than normal spec, but not repairable" territory. I suspect the rest of the Six will get replacements in ep4. it's only reasonable to presume. theo's probably boned in that regard, tho.

    7. Well Theo presumably only got his nifty rod because he was Luther's pet project du jour, anyway. I'd guess it's something of a modfied and toned-down imitation Clarissa in practical terms?

    8. Theodore's weapon was confirmed to be a Genesis weapon from the outset, it just wasn't common knowledge. Theodore is on par with Huey in terms of talent and potential, which is why he was handpicked as Luther's pawn. Luther has the ability to create Genesis weapons, as he made the Clarissa replica for Claris and Theodore's wand. Genesis weapons are powered by Xion, so when Xion died in 2-5 and Regius "killed" Loser, he broke Yonohate beyond repair by using its full power without its power source. This is why he, and no other Council members, gets a replacement Genesis weapon.

      In 3-7, Sukunahime provides power for the Genesis weapons, which is why the Council of Six are able to fight with them properly.

    1. yeah. im interested also to know when do we chat the secret phrase? is it today before the trick or treat EQ? :3 it says after the livestream. the livestream ends this 5 JST.

  2. Wow we finally will be able to do some of the things that Way of The Samurai does with their accessories, change angle and size. Their next one will allow us to place them wherever on our character's person.

    Also dangit SEGA me and a few others had already had a discussion that the next class will be called Breaker and it would focus on being a Force and Ranger hybrid using bowguns and slicers.

    Why that? Simple, we have Bouncer, Hunter and Force hybrid, and Braver, Ranger and Hunter hybrid. The class needed to use two weapons that no other class uses, them being old PSO and PSU weapons was a bonus, and it had to start with a 'B'.

    1. I was totally expecting them to add an r-atk/t-atk based class too. I'm disappointed that they're adding a summoner class, but when it does come around i'll most likely try it and learn to like it anyway. Oh and i wouldn't call bouncer a hunter/force class or braver a hunter/ranger class because i think that poorly describes what they are. I wouldn't even call them hybrids either because the way most player's play braver and bouncer a hybrid would not describe them. I guess you were just trying to be simple on what bouncer and braver are. For bouncer and braver, all you need is one weapon and your pretty much covered. I would only call them hybrid classes if they made max use of 2 interdependant weps and max use of 2 attack stats.

    2. I call them hybrid classes because you have a choice to go one way or the other, can't really do both and expect to be good. Me not using a more correct term like strike, ranged, or tech was my real problem.

    1. Ctrl+V will paste the copied text in the chat. Also note that any chat will do: say, team, party…

    2. thanks for replying i have another question how do i know i did the text properly will it give some kind of comfirmation? also i aplagize for all the noobish questions ad inorrect grammar and spelling

    3. It does not give a confirmation of any kind, but it will work in any chat. Just copy it exactly and it'll work no problem. -w- b

    1. Beast isn't needed; people already run around with animal ears and tails, so why do we need a race based on that? Unless "Beasts" came to be the Motavian tribes from Phantasy Star 4, I hope they kindly keep Beast out of the fold. All it was there for in the end was for people to run around as cat people, which was boring.

  3. >More Weak Bullet Jamming
    I guess players are completing the quest waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to fast even with the already nerfed WB. Why dont you put some ranged and ice resist? Wait, this is not Magatsu?

    1. WB jamming so far complements bosses comprised out of weak points such as Double that simply doesn't have anything else to attack.
      Its not a "skill nerf" in its purpose, its one of the weights on another part of the scale.
      Magatsu uses breakable face gimmick that sufficiently reduces effectiveness of weak bullet regardless. It has ice resists due to being constantly present on the field, it can't float away and reset your counter or prevent it from building up too fast.
      My guess that WB jam happens in Apprentice fight due to AIS attacks in the arsenal.

    1. I'm taking a wild guess and saying that is probably Dio Hunar's theme (it feels similar to Anga's theme, and seeing what Dio Hunar is… yeah, that's my guess)

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