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The PlayStation 4 version is now available to download at the Japanese PlayStation Store! You may simply search for it by typing ファンタシースターオンライン2, or by adding it to your cart via logging into the Japanese PlayStation Store website. Phantasy Star Online 2 is free to play and does not require a PlayStation Plus membership.

An additional guide is available to help PlayStation 4 players with logging into the game and navigating the start menu.


Hard Drive Space Required

In order to download Phantasy Star Online 2 on the PS4, you will need approximately 45+ GBs of space. This will increase further when new updates are released.


PlayStation Network Account And SEGA ID

Returning PC Players

  • Please log in with the same SEGA ID/Password from the PC version.
  • Entering your SEGA ID and Password will link that account to your PlayStation Network Account.
  • Your linked SEGA ID account can not be changed once the link is established.

New Players Only

  • A SEGA ID is required in order to play the game.
  • A tutorial on how to register for a SEGA ID is provided at this website.
  • Entering your SEGA ID and Password will link that account with your PlayStation Network Account.
  • Your linked SEGA ID account can not be changed once the link is established.

Returning Vita Players

  • Please log in with the same SEGA ID/Pass from the Vita version.



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22 thoughts to “Downloading PSO2 from the PlayStation Store”

    1. You press L3 (left stick)

      You can also use your mouse and keyboard on the game too, which is kind of awesome, but sort of defeats the purpose?

    2. I don't think there are enough buttons on the PS4 pad for this game, they have 3 buttons just for photon arts , not sure if you can change this – but it even lacks a basic attack button and for the class i use [gunner] the evasion button doesn't work properly, it rolls my character instead of doing cartwheels and flips.

    3. There should be a button on the PS4 keyboard that let's you change to English. Or if you have a keyboard hooked up to your PS4 when you type it should already be in English.

  1. hey i just downloaded it for PS4 and it says i got an error 249 with connection problem, well i tried to log in when server is having a maintenance but is it because i live in SEA? if so any tips for it?

    1. yep it's still saying the server is on Maintenance, guess it's because the IP is not from Japan, welp i tried

  2. I have Phantasy Star Online 2 Japan version for the PlayStation 4 I need a English patch so I know what I am doing is there a patch for this game

  3. so how are you you supposed to play this on your ps4 since obviously youre already violating the T and A * terms and agreement for psn and had-will block your ip address? is there a way where you CAN play this without getting ip banned from stupid psn?

  4. So I downloaded the PS4 version on my japanese PSN account, and wanted to play it on my main UK account. But it won't let me access it because the only account with the license to open it is my Japanese account.
    I know other people play it on their main non-japanese PSN accounts, so is there something special I need to do to launch the game on a non-japanese PSN account?

    1. Vita players purchase the physical copy to play it on their main account. I'm guessing you'll need to do the same for ps4. However, if you've already linked your JP PSN to your SEGA ID, then you won't be able to log in with your non JP account. Basically whichever account logged in first wins!

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