PSO2 Guide: Login & Start Menu


Logging Into The Game

Login Menu

PC players can select [SEGA IDでログイン] and PS4 players can select [オンラインログイン] to log in.


Ship Selection

Choose which Ship (server) you'd like to play. The largest English-speaking community is on Ship 2.


PS4 Only: This screen is informing you that entering a Sega ID and Password will link your PSN account with your SEGA ID. Please choose wisely as you will not be able to change this once the process is complete. After linking the account, you will no longer need to enter your SEGA ID upon starting the game.


PSO2 Login Menu

Enter your SEGA ID and Password.

If you have an existing SEGA ID, do not use easy login 

If you have an existing SEGA ID, do not use easy login 

If you have an existing SEGA ID, do not use easy login 


PS4 Only: Error Code No. 691 is informing you that your SEGA ID is already linked to a different PSN Account. Players who've connected to the PSVita version in the past must log in with the same PlayStation Network account previously used for that version.


Player ID Enter

You will be requested to input a Player ID upon signing in for the first time. The Player ID is a separate thing from the SEGA ID and your character's name. Player IDs act as a user name for others to identify your account in-game. Please take this moment to think of a good username you wish to have associated with your account.


This screen will appear when signing on through a computer using a different MAC Address. You will be sent an email that contains an authentication code that must be pasted within this form. If you did not receive the email, press the [メール認証キー再発行] button at the bottom to resend the email.


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(Some screenshots courtesy of Meji)

Start Menu

Start Menu

The Start Menu (not to be confused with the Main Menu) is the first thing you'll see when you sign into the game.

Select a Character
Here you can select, create, or delete a character.
Support Menu
Access the in-game Options
Change User Details
Opens the SEGA ID management page.
SEGA ID確認 Displays current SEGA ID.
Online Manual
Opens the Online Manual
Change Player ID Name
Spend Arks Cash (AC) to change your Player ID Name.
Friend Referral
Enter Friend Referral information.
View the Credits
Login History
View Login History and IP address.
Close Game
Quits Program
Logout and return to the Ship Selection Screen.