PSO2 Guide: Unlocking Quests and Intro To Client Orders


Quest Counter Menu

Quest Counter Menu

  • クエスト一覧 | Quest List
  • クエスト中のパーティーに参加 | Join a Party in a Quest
  • メインクエスト【EP5】| Main Quest [EP5]
  • オムニバスクエスト【EP1~3】 | Omnibus Quest [EP 1 ~ 3]
  • 練習クエスト | Training Quest
  • トリガークエスト | Trigger Quest
  • バトルアリーナ | Battle Arena
  • マッチング設定 | Matching Settings
  • クエストカウンターを出る | Exit Quest Counter

Emergency Quest
(These Quests Appear for 30 Minutes)
Suggested Quest
(Clearing these quests with an A Rank nets you a prize)
(Prizes may include Keys to unlock a Bonus Quest)
Free Field
(Allows you to freely explore a certain area on the planet)
(Free Field aka Free Exploration Quests have bosses at the end)
Arks Quest
(Arks Quest allow you to get a feel of the area)
(Unlike Free-Fields, these quests are set with certain specifications)
Bonus Quest
(Clear a Suggested Quest for a chance to receive a Bonus Key)
(Bonus Keys sometimes appear in a box after clearing)
(The Bonus Key gives access to Bonus Quests with special rewards)
Buster Quest
(A new type of quest for Episode 5)
(This quest mixes tower defense with raid-type bosses)
(Buster Quests adjusts player stats based on their "Grade")
(The higher the "Grade," the more powerful the enemies.)
Time Attack Quest
(Quests in which you must finish at the fastest time possible)
(With Client Orders from Klotho, you can get lots of Meseta)
Riding Quest
(Take to the skies of Las Vegas in a Score Attack type quest.)
(The goal is to collect medals while quickly defeating enemies)
(The higher the score, the higher the rare drop rate)
Advance Quest
(This quest requires アドバンスカプセル of a certain letter)
(The quest "difficulty" increases in the form of [Risk], each time you clear the same quest. You can artificially increase this [Risk] by feeding more capsules at the start.)
(Everyone is required to pay 5 or 10 capsules of a particular letter to gain entry. In some cases, the Party Leader can pay for everyone's capsules if they so choose.)
Extreme Quest
(These quests are meant for advanced players.)
(Typically done to receive items with certain affixes.)
(Some Extreme Quests are required to be classified as an Expert Player.)
Ultimate Quest
(Highly difficult and meant for advanced players.)
Challenge Quest
(Challenge Quests are available on Challenge Blocks)
(Use Block Changer to access Challenge Blocks)
Battle Arena
(PvP can only be performed on Battle Blocks)
(Use Block Changer to access Battle Blocks)


Unlocking Quests

In PSO2, you can unlock the next Field in succession by clearing the "Free-Exploration" quest from the previous area. For example, clearing the [Forest Exploration] quest on Planet Naberius, will unlock all the Volcanic Caverns quests on Planet Amduscia.

Clear the Following Quest To Unlock This Quest
「Koffie Client Order」
Forest Exploration
「Forest Exploration」 Dragonkin Ecological Survey
「Forest Exploration」 Kartargot Extermination
「Forest Exploration」 Subdue Caterdra’n
「Forest Exploration」 Volcanic Cave Exploration
「Volcanic Cave Exploration」 Mech Power Survey: Desert
「Volcanic Cave Exploration」 Cargo Recovery: Desert
「Volcanic Cave Exploration」 Rare Ore Mining
「Volcanic Cave Exploration」 Desert Exploration
「Desert Exploration」 Tundra Regional Survey
「Desert Exploration」 ARKS Search: Tundra
「Desert Exploration」 Subdue De Malmoth
「Desert Exploration」 Tundra Exploration
「Tundra Exploration」 Mech Power Survey: Tunnels
「Tundra Exploration」 Distress Signal Investigation
「Tundra Exploration」 Transformer Takedown
「Tundra Exploration」 Subterranean Tunnels Exploration
「Subterranean Tunnels Exploration」 Berserk Dragon Suppression
「Subterranean Tunnels Exploration」 Specimen Collection: Skyscape
「Subterranean Tunnels Exploration」 Subdue Caterdra’nsa
「Subterranean Tunnels Exploration」 Subdue Caterdra’nsa
「Skyscape Exploration」 Ruins Infestation Survey
「Skyscape Exploration」 Polluter Destruction
「Skyscape Exploration」 Wolgahda Extermination
「Skyscape Exploration」 Ruins Exploration
「Skyscape Exploration」 Sanctum Suppression
「Skyscape Exploration」 Subdue Sol Dirandal
「Skyscape Exploration」 Subdue Goronzoran
「Skyscape Exploration」 Sanctum Exploration
「Volcanic Cave Exploration」 Coastal Ecological Survey
「Volcanic Cave Exploration」 Coastal Conservation
「Volcanic Cave Exploration」 Subdue Org Blan
「Volcanic Cave Exploration」 Coast Exploration
「Coast Exploration」 Mech Power Survey: Quarry
「Coast Exploration」 Lillipan Colony Defense
「Coast Exploration」 Mobile Fortress Destruction
「Coast Exploration」 Quarry Exploration
「Quarry Exploration」 Seabed Ecological Survey
「Quarry Exploration」 Wopal Rescue Team
「Quarry Exploration」 Subdue Decol Malluda
「Quarry Exploration」 Seabed Exploration
「Coast Exploration」 Kuronite Suppression
「Coast Exploration」 Anjhadu-lili Demolition
「Coast Exploration」 Shironia Exploration
「Shironia Exploration」 Facility Exploration
「Shironia Exploration」 Rheo Madullard
「Shironia Exploration」 Facility Exploration
「Facility Exploration」 Kuronite Investigation
「Facility Exploration」 Codotta Idetta Subjugation
「Facility Exploration」 Kuron Exploration
「Shironia Exploration」 Phantom Repulsion: Tokyo
「Shironia Exploration」 Train Ghidoran Suppression
「Shironia Exploration」 Tokyo Exploration
「Tokyo Exploration」 Las Vegas Exploration

New Players: After leaving the Bridge, head to the Quest Counter and select the menus with the Wakaba Icon Wakaba mark to clear your first Arks Quest.


Koffie Client Orders

Koffie Initial Client Orders

Koffie is located right next to the Quest Giver in the Gate Area lobby. Clearing her client orders will unlock extra features and difficulties.

Client Order Objective
Free Exploration: Forest
Clear [Dagan Extermination]
Reward: Unlock Forest Free Field
Mag License Application
Deliver [フォンガルフの頭角] x1
※Drops from Fangulf
Reward: Mag License

Client Order Objective
Difficulty Unlock I
Listen to Koffie
Reward: Hard Difficulty License
Difficulty Unlock II
Listen to Koffie
Reward: Very Hard Difficulty License
Weapon Palette Expansion I
Deliver [キャタドランの水晶] x1
※Drops from Katerdran (Vol. Caves)
Reward: Weapon Palette Exp. License

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Once you're finished with Forest Exploration you can head back to the Bridge to advance the story.


Frequently Asked Questions

Quest Counter To Training

Quest Counter

  • クエスト一覧から選ぶ | Select from a list of Quests
  • クエスト中のパーティーに参加する | Join a Party in a Quest
  • マッチング設定 | Matching Settings
  • 練習クエストをプレイする | Play Training Quest Wakaba Icon


Training Quest Types

Quest Type Selection

  • 共通訓練 | Common Training
    • フォトンアーツの基礎 | PA Training
    • テクニックの基礎 | Technic Training
  • ハンター訓練 | Hunter Training
  • レンジャー訓練 | Ranger Training
  • フォース訓練 | Force Training
  • ブレイバー訓練 | Braver Training
  • バウンサー訓練 | Bouncer Training
  • サモナー訓練 | Summoner Training

Talk to Koffie

Select the second option to [Talk] to Koffie.

CO Menu

Select the top option to view the list of Client Orders.

Accept CO

New Client Order Icon Brand New Client Order
Client Order Icon A Currently Active Client Order
Client Order Icon B Cleared All Objectives
Completed Client Order Icon Completed Client Order

Selecting 「はい」 on a new client order will make it active.
Selecting 「はい」 on a currently active client order will cancel the request.

Note: Some Client Orders will enter a cooldown phase after you clear them.