PSO2 Guide: The Bridge, Omnibus Quests, Story Board


Episode 5: The Bridge

Episode 5 provides a much simpler way of advancing the story. Episode 5's story will unlock after completing [Forest Exploration]. Xiera, at the Bridge, will give you the option to switch from Episode 5 to 4 after you advance a bit in the story.

Xiera's Menu

  • メインクエスト【EP5】 | Main Quest [EP5]
  • EP4モードに変更する | Switch to EP4 Mode
  • 話をする | Chat
  • この場を離れる | Return


Main Quest Episode 5

Episode 5's Story Menu is split into three branches.

Main Quest [EP5]

  • バスタークエスト | Buster Quests
    • バスタークエスト開始 | Start Buster Quests
  • メインストーリー | Main Story
  • サブストーリー | Sub Story

Stories with a blue icon are chat events, whereas stories with a red icon are battle events. Your progress throughout the story is shared across all the characters on your account. In addition, any partner card you receive during the story will unlock that NPC to all your characters on the account.


Main Quest [EP5] can also be accessed from the Quest Counter. You may use this method to continue the story without having to head to the Bridge.


Omnibus Quests

Progressing a bit through Episode 5's story will unlock Omnibus Quests. These are a reconstruction of the story events from Episodes 1 ~ 3. Omnibus Quests are hosted by Alma, a silver haired woman who appears to be the first Klariskrays. The menu is set up in a similar fashion to Episode 5's main story, except that she may request Free Fields to be cleared in order to advance the story.

Alma's Menu

  • その他クエスト | Other Quests
    • フリーフィールド | Free Field
  • ストーリークエスト | Story Quests

Your progress in Omnibus Quests is shared to the entire account!

Episode 4: The Bridge

The Story Board Image

With the release of Episode 4 comes a new way to progress through the story. Introducing the Story Board, a quick and easy timeline of events that allows players to advance through the story without having to scour across the galaxy for event tablets.


Each "Event Piece" on the Story Board can only be accessed when the player interacts with Xiera from the Bridge. You can enter the Bridge by heading to the 2nd floor in the Gate Area Lobby.

Xiera's Menu

  • ストーリーボード【EP4】 | Story Board [EP4]
  • EP5モードに変更する | Switch to EP5 Mode
  • イベントクロニクル | Event Chronicle
  • 話をする | Chat
  • この場を離れる | Return


Xiera Gated Off

Your progress will be halted whenever there's a green Xiera icon on the Story Board. You can bypass these gates by clearing the quest that corresponds to the node designated on the Event Piece.

Story Board Node Requirement
003-C Clear Forest Exploration
014-B Clear Tokyo Exploration
014-D Clear V. Caves Exploration
019-D Clear Desert Exploration
062-D Clear Aika's New Client Order
※Clear Aika's previous TA order to unlock this one.
82-B Clear Skyscape Exploration
88-C Clear Las Vegas Exploration
117-B Clear Solo Training: Heaven & Hell
117-D Clear Ultimate Amduscia

※ In order to unlock these quests, please check out the following guide:


Frequently Asked Questions

Story Board Ep4 Ch1

You will gain access to the Tokyo Arks Quests by clearing the first chapter of Episode 4's Story Board. More details can be found in the FAQ section of this guide.


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