PSO2 Guide: Select a Character


Character Name ゲーム開始 Start the Game
Other Procedures
Delete Character
It takes 24 hours to delete a character from your account.

Transfer Character During Maintenance

Transfer your character to another ship during maintenance for 700 AC.

Change Character Name

Costs 1,500 AC.
Create a New Character
Transfers you to the character creation screen.
If there aren't any characters?
Shows the number of characters created on each ship.

The Character Selection Screen allows you to create and delete your characters. All players who start a new game and clear [Forest Exploration], can head to the Bridge to start Episode 5. Speak to Xiera in order to switch between [EP4] and [EP5] story modes.


If a friend invited you to the game, you may enter their invitation code here. Otherwise please select 利用しない to skip this section.


Selecting the 各種手続き button gives you three options.

  • キャラクターの削除 Character Deletion
  • キャラクターの定期メンテナンス時シップ移動申請 Ship Transfer
  • キャラクター名変更 Change Character's Name


You can save and load a copy of your character during Character Creation by selecting the following options.

  • クリエイトデータ書き込み Save Character Data
  • クリエイトデータ読み込み Load Character Data