Phantasy Star Portable 2: Details of Playstation Network Product Code and Downloads

Sakai updated his blog post almost solely dedicated to the Product Code. Recently the box art for Phantasy Star Portable 2 was scanned and placed online which left Japanese and International communities concerned over the use of product codes. Sakai basically goes into detail on how this code will work out.

Little Wing License

Sakai wants you to think of the Product code similar to a "game key" for Phantasy Star Universe (JP). This "game key" allows you the right to play on their servers.

The Product Code is printed within the game manual. You will use this product code on the Playstation Network, to obtain your Little Wing License.

However, if you purchase Phantasy Star Portable 2 Digital Release on the Playstation Network, you will automatically receive your Little Wing License.

By inputting your Playstation Network Login ID and Password you can then sign onto the game servers and play "Internet Multi Mode."

As for the registration end date of 12/2/2010, (*December 2, 2010 : Our date format goes MONTH first then DAY) it does not mean that the game servers will shut down at that date, instead you must register your product code before this date.

Download Mission

Download missions are handled similarly in the way how Phantasy Star Portable 1 handled them, except with one special twist. If you connect to the game on Internet Multi Mode, you will automatically download the latest missions. So now everyone can enjoy the same missions at the same time. These missions are brand new and will be stored onto your PSP Memory Stick. (He makes a point as to how these downloads won't just unlock data of the PSP2 software… maybe they see how harmful this was to the PSU community.) 

If you don't use Internet Multi Mode, you can download the missions from an official site.


Download Item

Players can additionally download items from the Playstation Store. There will be free download items as well as cash items. He plans on making the prices as low as possible, but he can not reveal the prices at this time. Most collaboration items can be obtained either through inputting a pass code or downloaded from the Playstation Store for free. There will not be any items with extreme strength and power at the store itself.

Downloaded Items will be stored on the Playstation Portable Memory Stick. If a player does not have the same downloaded item in memory, it will instead be replaced by an existing item. (Think of this as Playstation 2 users for Ambition of Illuminus Supplemental update, Ps2 users can not see many of the new items and instead will only see a generic weapon instead)

He will also not allow the sales of items that can change game balance, this includes consumable items, meseta, and boosting of experience value.

As for you collectors who wants to fill the item and weapon "illustration books" within the game, the download items will not affect the completion rate. So you can still attain 100% completion rate without purchasing or downloading any item from the store!

[via psp2 blog]

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