Phantasy Star Portable 2 Nico Channel + Opening Lyrics

Mike over at psow posted the link to Phantasy Star Portable 2's opening theme with lyrics. Sega's Nico Nico Video page is now up!

Let's all sing along in our best engrish. Video on Youtube.

[via 2ch and Mike and nico]

「Living Universe」

Wish (upon a star) hope to (be again)
-the one you find when all is done and through-

If all made a wish to save
this star would it be in vain?

So much it holds, too dear to part
may ways see the light of answers

(For all was, once, just taken away
that one hope, all disappeared

So, none can break, nor brittle my heart
no, never again, until the end….)

Phantasy stars in universe, they shine on
(unravel the dark to light the world,)

(they shine on)
For all of the hearts who gave

their all
(know that it shines because of you,)

(they shine on)
Phantasy stars in universe, they light up
(shooting to bright the wishes true,)

(they light up)
Many a star in universe

-but it's only the one with you,
that I can see-

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