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Welcome to PSO2 Cloud

PSO2 Cloud has officially launched as of April 4th, 2018! In order to access the game, you'll need to create a Japanese Nintendo eShop account. You can do so by heading to the Nintendo Accounts page to create an account with your Country/Region set to Japan.

A SEGA ID will be required to play. If you have not done so already, please use our registration guide to create a SEGA ID of your choice. If you're a current PSO2 Player, you may continue using the same SEGA ID used on other platforms.


Download PSO2 Cloud

PSO2 Cloud is an online game with footage streamed directly from the Cloud Servers. You can download the application required to connect to the servers through the Japanese Nintendo eShop. Type PSO2 in the search box to bring up the store page.


PSO2 Cloud Launch

PSO2 Cloud Start Menu

  • ゲームをはじめる | Start Game
  • プレイヤーサイトへ | PSO2 Players Website
  • ネットワーク速度テスト | Network Speed Test


PSO2 Cloud FAQ

PSO2 Cloud is a game that's completely streamed online. The servers which host PSO2 Cloud are located in Japan. The game checks the quality of your connection before allowing you to play on their servers. Unfortunately, the farther away you are from Japan, the harder it is for you to connect to PSO2 Cloud.

Yellow Message

The circumstances regarding your connection is in a state in which you can not play comfortably. Soon the game will automatically close. Please re-check your connection environment.


Error: 5000503

The Cloud servers are currently under maintenance. Please return to the HOME menu by pressing the [Home] button.


Error: 81000734

There is a possibility that the connection speed is insufficient due to network congestion. Please wait a while and try again.


Error: 81000522

Disconnected from the Cloud Server. Please try again.


Error: 81000760


You will not be able to play the game comfortably due to network congestion. Please wait a while and try again.


Bad Network Speed Results

■Network Speed Results■
Slow Speed (HT)

Either the network is not stable or the connection speed is insufficient. Please try again later or switch to another network.


Good Network Speed Results

■Network Speed Results■
Satisfactory (HF)

The network is stable and you can play almost without any problems.

PSO2 Cloud users are restricted with interacting and playing with users on certain platforms. The restrictions are summarized below.

Nintendo Players × PC Players

  • Can Play Together on [Cloud] Blocks
  • Can Play Together on Challenge [Cloud] Blocks.
  • Can Communicate With Each Other

Nintendo Players × Sony PlayStation Players

  • Unable to Play Together
  • Can Meet in [Team Rooms] or [Player Rooms]
  • Unable to Communicate With Each Other

(You can work around chat issues by communicating through Room Items.)

A full overview can be found in this post.

You'll need to perform certain tasks while logged into PSO2 Cloud in order to receive Link's collaboration items. After these tasks are completed, you can claim the items by heading to the Title Counter attendant as shown in the screenshot above.

Hylian Shield (Title: 新たなる旅立ちの勇者 )

  • Clear a quest on any difficulty

Master Sword (Title: 草原を越えし勇者)

  • Clear two quests on Hard or higher difficulty

Champion's Tunic M / F (Title: 高地を越えし勇者)

  • Clear three quests on Very Hard or higher difficulty.

Link Hair (Title: 連峰を越えし勇者)

  • Clear four quests on Super Hard or higher difficulty.




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28 thoughts to “Getting Started with PSO2 Cloud”

    1. Same, I get the poor connection environment message, it allowed me to the start screen, but disconnected going to character select. It's either related to prime time or we need the usb LAN adapter, seems like the former, though…

  1. Will this work similarly to the Vita where if you had the cartridge you could log in on your non JP sony account? So if I download the game through my JP nintendo ID I can then play on my PSO2 account through my US one?

  2. Well I am one of those guys using a lan-adapter to have my network wired up

    still getinf the yellow box and error 81000760.

    And every time i do the speed test i just get a "failed try"

    I am gonna try opening the ports for my "lan" connected switch later.

  3. I'm on a 1 Gigabit up/down fiber connection in the states and cannot connect. Switch is set to DMZ so all ports are open to it, NAT is type A. Bummer, I really wanted to give it a try despite the language barrier.

  4. at the time of this post, it appears the servers are completely congested…which is odd seeing its 5 am there…

  5. My internet is literally at it's peak right now and it still don't work. I'm about to rip Sega's face off lol.

  6. So has anyone actually managed to connect to pso2 cloud? I haven't tried a cat5 cable yet, but this just seems impossible.

    1. Hi, I live in Brazil, and I have a 50 mb/s internet connection, and using wifi to connect I get the yellow message, but I'm able to get to the lobby. Actually I can play the game (with the annoying yellow message) for about 5 min and then get disconnected.

    2. I can play for like 30 sec but after that it says error 81000734
      Try to increase your internet on your switch by increasing it from 1400 to 1500

  7. I can get in long enough to play like a good 20sec of Capture Rappy Arks mission before getting 81000760


  8. OK, IF you manage to get to the intro sequence Hit + to get through to the title screen, hit the HOME button, wait about 20 seconds, then go back into the game.

    You'll get the blue connection test text, and the yellow message should disappear for a half-second.

    Congratulations, You just reset the disconnection timer!

  9. *has up to the master sword one* save when I'm nearly done and it pops me. it can be done. but you have to click Home wait till your joy-con/controller icon pops out (about 5-7 seconds) and head back.

    And of course it is super annoying to play with that yellow hell all over the screen. I know they're trying to tell you something like "your congestion is not for better than 1080p operations. please disconnect or we will disconnect you. pleeeease. you won't like it if it's not 1080p or better. ples stahp."

    but I've played games over VNC so my tolerance for eye jarring pain is kinda high.

    On day one, it was amazing. Felt PC one to one. It has not been much since. IF they'd let you turn down the graphics that would be one thing.

    1. I forgot to say you have to do this about every minute and a half. You can wait longer but don't really think you should risk it as sometimes it'll click out at 2 minutes when it is 'supposed to be' like 4 or 5. Also sometimes it'll note you've left the game -even for just a timer refresh and ASSUME YOUR GAME HAS DIED and kick you.

      So there's that as well.

  10. Are the rewards permenant?
    As in you can play the switch in march 2020 and still get it if its your first time?

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