PSO2 Guide List


PSO2 Guide List


Registration Guide


Getting Started

Login & Start Menu

Character Selection

VITA: Getting Started

PS4: Getting Started


Unlocking Content

Story Board & The Bridge

Unlocking Quests

Unlocking Class Level 80

Unlocking Expert Blocks


PSO2 Menus

PC/PS4: Main Menu Guide

VITA: Main Menu

VITA: Quick Menu

VITA: Options Menu


Client Orders & Partner Cards

Character Catalogue


Episode 5 Features

Hero Class Guide

Dark Blast Guide

Super Special Abilities ( S-Class Abilities )  NEW


Item Grinding

NT Weapon: Grinding System

NT Weapon: Element Raising

NT Weapon: Unlocking Potentials

NT Weapon: 13 Star Weapon Grinding

Super Special Abilities ( S-Class Abilities )


Collection Files

Collection File Guide


Gathering System

Gathering Mini Guide

Cuisine List

Skill Ring List

Material Boosters


Crafting System

PA Customization

PA Customization Recipes

Timed Abilities


Mag System

Introduction to Mags

Photon Blasts and Chaining

Mag Evolution Chart

Mag Device Listings

Evolution Devices Database


Fashion System

Fashion Catalog


Team System

Team Rooms and Settings


Transferring Ships and Inviting Friends

Ship Transfer

Friend Invitation System